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The changes made to the Peterborough Area Code was a result of the growing demand for telephone numbers by subscribers and consumers. The first modification of the Peterborough Area Code resulted to the formation of area code 0733 from once being known as area code 0731.


Several years later, the increasing need for phone numbers exceeded the current supply of the Peterborough Area Code. This prompted Ofcom (Office of Communication) to design new area code configurations to different location within the United Kingdom. OfCom is UK's branch of government that deals with all communication needs of the country.


The area code arrangements were given by Ofcom to different regions in the UK during PhONEday in 1995. The area codes that were dispensed mostly have the same format. It integrated the number 1 to most of the area codes currently being used that time. In the case of the Peterborough Area Code, its area code 0733 was altered to become the 1733 area code.


The 1733 area code is teamed with 6 numbers that would represent Peterborough local numbers. Castor, Crowland, Eye, Whittlesey and Yaxley are just some of the areas that also use 1773 as its area code. The area code, local numbers and its trunk prefix 0 will be the numbers that need to be dialed when calling to a phone number registered within the territory of the mentioned areas.

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Callers need to remember that the 1733 area code is the area code that delineates the Peterborough region from the rest of its neighboring towns and villages. They must also take into account that Peterborough local numbers will always be composed of 6 digits; no more, no less. Missing a single figure when calling would not connect the call to the intended recipient.


This is just one of the difficult situation that both the callers and companies are subjected to when there is a modification in the area code of a certain area. Difficulties like these results to wasted time and effort on the part of the callers. However, companies are the ones that would greatly suffer from such problematic scenario. Not only do they lose time and energy but also possible profits and customers as well.


As more and more numbers will continue to be taken by consumers, it will not take long before the current supply of the Peterborough Area Code and its Peterborough local numbers will be exhausted. The projection of its depletion is on 2012. During that time, Peterborough will utilize yet another form of area code. The hassles brought about by a new area code will again be experienced.


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