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The Oxford area code which is also known as the 1865 area code is also used in several areas outside of Oxford. Cowley, Headington, Kidlington, Summertown and Wheatley are just some of the areas that employ the Oxford area code.


Way before Oxford was using an all number area code, there was a time that it was composed of a combination of numbers and letters. The Oxford area code originally had 0OX2 as its area code. This area code pattern was based on the original concept of the STD (Standard Trunk Dialing).


This STD concept of the area codes is based on the two letters of a given location's name and the corresponding number of those letters on a phone dial. The letter O becomes a digit 0 in this area code formation. The original Oxford area code which is 0OX2 is dialed as 0092.


On the late 1960's, the area code 0OX2 being used by Oxford was modified to 0865. This was altered to avoid confusion among callers. Oxford was not the only region that had its area code changed during that time. The modification of the area codes is known as All Figure Dialing which took effect only in the United Kingdom. All Figure Dialing is the change from using a combination of letters and numbers into all number area code.


The area code that was created from All Figure Dialing was area code 0865. This area code was used by Oxford up until PhONEday in 1995. All of the area codes within the UK were also reformed based on the area code formation that will be given to it. On this period, the area code of Oxford was given the (01XXX)XX XXXX pattern.

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The 1865 area code was the product of such a change in the area code. This was brought about by the inclusion of the number 1 unto the previous area code. From being a 3-digit area code, it was added with a single numeral and increased its length to 4 digits. It transformed the 0865 to become area code 1865. This was the process that brought forth the current area code of Oxford.


In following the area code arrangement that was assigned to Oxford, its area code will be comprised of 4 figures. In order to add up to a 10-digit dialing, Oxford local numbers will be 6 numerals long. Telephone numbers that have the Oxford area code and Oxford local numbers are displayed in this pattern: (01865) XX XXXX.


Retaining this lot of numbers is not an easy task. Area code 1865 can be remembered much easier by callers since it is a constant number. On the other hand, Oxford local numbers change from one company to another. Some callers may be adept in recalling all of these numbers but the majority of them cannot.


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