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The Norwich area code did not start out as the 1603 area code. Its original area code was 0605. The Norwich area code needed to be changed into a new area code format to provide additional phone numbers to the dwindling stock. It was during the PhONEday event in 1995 that the Norwich area code was modified into the 1603 area code.


On PhONEday, different regions of the United Kingdom were given a new area code format of their own. In most regions the number 1 was inserted to the previous area code. "1" was to precede the original area codes and just after the trunk code 0. This change has increased the length of the former area codes by a single digit. It expanded the Norwich area code from previously being made up of 3-digits into a 4-figure long area code.


But even before PhONEday, the Norwich area code had modified its original area code 0605 into area code 0603. This area code was the one that was added with the number 1 when PhONEday came about. This created the 1603 area code instead of 1605. Area code 1605 is currently not in use. Area code 1603 is the current area code of Norwich. It is also used by nearby cities and communities of Norwich such as Barnham, Broom, Drayton and Buxton, among many others.


The length of Norwich local numbers is based on the area code format assigned to it on PhONEday. The format assigned to Norwich was (0XXXX) XX XXXX. This format is used by several regions of the United Kingdom. The X's inside the parentheses symbolizes the area code 1603 respectively, while those outside represents the Norwich local numbers. In this area code pattern, there are 4 figures that compose the area code including the digit 1 and 6 numerals for the Norwich local numbers.

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