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Before the Newcastle area code was known as the 1914 area code, it was once noted as area code 0632. Newcastle discontinued the use of area code 0632 in the late 1980s. This is because 0632 became part of the fictitious numbers. These numbers were to be utilized for film and television purposes. The purpose of reserving a set of numbers was to avoid exposing privately owned telephone numbers and risk the privacy of its owners.

After this event, Newcastle was given a new area code. From once using an area code composed of 3 numbers, it was administered with a 2-digit area code. The area code that was assigned to replace the original Newcastle area code was 091. This replacement area code for Newcastle was utilized until 1995, when PhONEday was carried out. PhONEday was the event where different area code patterns were given to several regions of the United Kingdom. The common attribute that these new area code formats had was the introduction of the number 1 to their current area codes.

The Newcastle area code used the format of (01XX) XXX XXXX. This new modification in the area code changed the Newcastle area code back into having a 3-digit area code. After PhONEday, the Newcastle area code came to be known as the 0191 area code. This area code is paired with local numbers that are made up of 7 numerals.

Area code 0191 was not solely used by Newcastle. Other areas within the Tyne and Wear and Durham also have this area code. The first number of the Newcastle local numbers was incorporated to the area code of Newcastle to distinguish it from other regions that also employ the 0191 area code.

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The initial figure of the Newcastle local numbers is 4, which was then added to its area code to give it an area code of its own. The new format of the area code of Newcastle would be presented in this sequence (01914) XX XXXX. Newcastle local numbers would now be only composed of 6 numbers since its initial digit was added to its area code. From this point on, the area code of Newcastle was referred to as the 1914 area code.

The 1914 area code is not a real area code, but is a contact number that is used to specifically distinguish the Newcastle area from its neighboring cities and towns. The technicality of the area code of Newcastle does not change the dialing system when placing a call to that area. Numbers that are required to be dialed are still the same. A caller needs to input 11 figures, including the trunk code 0 in order to make a call to Newcastle.

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