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The area code arrangement that the Lincoln area code employs is the (01XXX) XXXXXX format. This was assigned to Lincoln in 1995. It was part of the PhONEday event that happened at that period. The reconstruction of the new Lincoln area code was necessary in order to increase the supply of phone numbers in the United Kingdom. This is because the demand for phone numbers exceeded the current supply of the current Lincoln area code. This decline in the stock of phone numbers can be attributed to the popularity of gadgets that also use phone lines and phone networks.


From being a 3-figured area code, the Lincoln area code became a 4-digit area code after that time. Its pioneer area code 522 later became the 1522 area code. The new Lincoln area code is paired with 6-digit long Lincoln local numbers. Summing up all these numbers would result to 10 digits.


Although a 10-digit number is lengthy, dialing all of it will still not connect your call to Lincoln. Its trunk prefix 0 must also be included even if it is not considered as part of the area code. This would mean that a caller outside Lincoln must key in the trunk prefix followed by the 1524 area code, and lastly the Lincoln local numbers.

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Individuals that are making a call within the territory of Lincoln will not be required to input 0 and the 1524 area code. They will only need to dial the Lincoln local numbers to connect their calls. Calling to this number is a much easier task to do than inputting the whole 11 numbers. But there is still a more convenient way of dialing that you can provide for your clients. A communication system that does not require your caller to dial the 1524 area code even if they are located in a different geographical area.


You can give the utmost ease to your customers in contacting your company through the aid of RingCentral business phone systems. Their telecommunication system contains features that would allow your clients to keep in touch with your organization whatever time and day it is. This feature is the auto-attendant. It accepts all communication transactions 24/7, eliminating the possibility of missed or misdirected calls.


Auto-attendant also works together with the call transfer and call forwarding features of RingCentral. Call transfer features enable you to transfer calls to an extension or to voicemail. Their call forwarding service allows your telephone system to forward calls to different numbers that is registered as part of your company's phone extensions. Both of these features ensure that all telecommunication processes are received and appropriately addressed to.


Overall, RingCentral telephony system provides your company with a business phone number that would be able to work on its own without the aid of any code. This is because RingCentral phone numbers are also non-geographic numbers that cannot be affected by any changes in the area code. Obtaining a contact number from RingCentral that is independent of area codes is a big advantage to any organization.


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