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Before becoming the 113 area code, the Leeds area code was formerly known as area code 0532. It was only in 1995 when it was changed to the 113 area code during the PhONEday event. The alteration of the Leeds area code was done to supplement the shrinking supply of phone numbers in the Leeds area. See, technological devices that use phone lines and the increase in population had contributed to the decline of area code numbers in not only in that region but to the whole of UK as well.


It was during this event that all United Kingdom area codes were given their own set of area code format to follow. That time, most area codes of the UK used the pattern of inserting the numeral “1” between the trunk prefix “0” and their original area codes. But instead of being assigned this format that would have altered the Leeds area code to become 1532, the city of Leeds was given another.


The area code pattern (011X)-XXX-XXXX was the format commissioned as the Leeds area code. This particular arrangement of the area code resulted to the creation of 3-digit area codes, which is now known as the 113 area code. The initial three numbers of the area code configuration specifies a certain area within a given town, city or municipality.


Regions that utilize 3-digit area codes cover a large territory and are second only to those that use 2-digit area codes. The larger the territory of a location, the less number of figures its area code will have. This is the reason why it is paired with 7-figured local numbers to provide more supply of phone numbers. Since the area code of Leeds employs 3 digits, it would only follow that Leeds local numbers would be made up of 7 digits.

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Based on the local number arrangement assigned to Leeds, the range of Leeds local numbers starts from 496 0000 to 496 0009. Combining these with the Leeds area code, a caller would have to dial a 10-digit long telephone number to place a call on that location.


Now, the length of a 10-digit contact number can be a determining factor in the success or the failure of your business. There are customers that are not troubled by this type of contact number. And there are also those that are very demanding. These are clients that do not want to key in lengthy contact numbers when making a phone call. Being a business that covers a wide consumer base, you can expect to have a mix of these types of customers. So in order for you to please them all and as consequence, successfully uplift your organization's reputation, you will need to have a business contact number that provides the easiest access to your company.


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