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The area code format employed by the Hull area code is the most widely used area code configuration in the United Kingdom. This area code pattern is depicted by the 1482 area code. This is just one of the many 4-digit area codes in UK. Hull is given a 4-digit area code based on its boundary and coverage area.


Area codes in the UK base on the length of the numbers that it employs. There can be as few as 2 digits to as many as 5-figured area codes. The lesser the numbers are in area codes, the bigger territory it has. This would also mean that it has a bigger stock of phone numbers than regions using 3, 4 and 5-digit area codes.


Since the Hull area code is represented by 1482 area code, it does not have a large area or a large supply of phone numbers. Hull is a third level city as evidenced by the area code that it is using. The Hull area code was not originally 4-digits. It used to be 3 digits. 482 was Hull's area code.


The modification with the Hull area code was introduced during PhONEday. It was added to give new supply of phone numbers to Hull. This was the process of inserting the number 1 unto the current area code. It was to be inserted after the trunk prefix 0 and just before the area code. Hull, which was using 482 area code then, had changed to the 1482 area code.

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The changes that happened with Hull's area code did not affect Hull local numbers. They are still composed of 6 figures. Hull local numbers along with the Hull area code are the numbers that should be dialed when calling to Hull if you are from a different geographic area code. The trunk code 0 must also be included when calling. There must be 11 digits that a caller should input on their phones in order for their calls to connect.


Currently, the area code of Hull along with the trunk prefix 0 does not change. Only the Hull local numbers would vary. This number would change depending upon the company that callers want to contact. The stability of having the Hull area code will rely upon its supply. If the stock of 1482 is exhausted, it will be using another set of numbers as its area code.


This change in the area code may happen in the near future. When it does, problems and complications brought by modifications in the phone numbers will again resurface. As a business, you would not want your telecommunication to be affected by this difficult situation when it comes.


One effective solution that you can opt for is to purchase a phone system from RingCentral. Their telephony products will not be influenced by any changes in the area code or dialing system. This is because they provide your company with contact numbers that are non-geographic.


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