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The current Hereford area code is the 1432 area code. It was created when the supply of area code 432 was near depletion. This was not the initial area code that was given to Hereford. Hereford's original area code was 432. The conversion of the Hereford area code from being a 3-digit to a 4-digit area code was done during PhONEday in 1995.


It was in this period when the numeral 1 was combined with the original area codes of the United Kingdom. The adjustments in the area codes were done in order to create a considerable amount of new phone numbers. The PhONEday event was spearheaded by Ofcom, a government institution in the UK that is responsible for telecommunication. By simply adding one numeral to the existing Hereford area code, it now has an abundant supply of phone numbers that will be available for new consumers and subscribers.


This type of area code arrangement is paired with either a 5- or 6- digit local number. The Hereford area code makes use of 6 digits for local numbers. The set of Hereford local numbers are not fixed. They are a random set of numbers that are given to subscribers. On the other hand, Hereford's area code numbers are fixed.


The 432 area code that used to be the sole area code for Hereford until 1995 was appointed to mobile phone and pagers within the Hereford area. The designation of area code 432 to these gadgets was not permanent. On the 28th of April 2001, these devices were given separate area code assignments. Mobile phones and pagers were bestowed with area code numbers that would begin with a 07 number range.

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The Hereford area code for these communication instruments was changed from 0432 to 07625. Calling to a mobile phone in Hereford would require the caller to input the number 07625 and not the 1432 area code. When calling from a mobile phone to a landline in Hereford, a caller needs to dial the 1432 area code plus the Hereford local numbers to make the call.


Businesses that relied heavily on mobile phones for their communication would be greatly affected by this modification in the dialing system. Employees that work mostly on the field will now have to key in the area code plus the Hereford local numbers. Calling them would now also require you to dial the 07625 and not the 1432. Customers and clients that usually have mobile phones as their main communication to your business will also be bothered by this change.


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