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The Glasgow area code first used the 0X1 area code format. Only the figures represented by the number 1 and the trunk code 0 are permanent. The X that is seen on the 01X1 area code pattern is the figure 4. The number 4 is assigned to be part of the Glasgow area code.


This area code pattern was employed by only a few selected cities in the 1960’s. The other cities aside from Glasgow were Birmingham, Edinburgh, Liverpool, and County Durham and for both of the inner and outer parts of London. Each of these cities has different number equivalents for X in the 0X1 area code format.


This format was a result of the “all figure dialing” that was implemented in 1966. All figure dialing is the change from using alphabetic exchange area codes to all numbers area codes. The alphabets that were used as area codes were assigned in accordance to its relation to the numbers on the telephone dial. The alphabets A, B and C would represent the number 1 as can be seen on the telephone dial. During this period, the UK abandoned using alphabets for area codes.


The next change happened on PhONEday. It was the inclusion of the digit 1 to the area codes of UK. The length of the Glasgow area code became 3-digits long. The Glasgow area code format was modified from being represented by 0X1 to become 01X1. During the transition to the 3-digit area code pattern, Glasgow's former 041 area code was changed to 0141 after the PhONEday event.

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The area code being used in Glasgow is a 3-digit area code. The area code that it presently employs is the 141 area code. But as callers have already been accustomed to 4-digit area codes, the first digit of Glasgow local numbers is being included by callers. Glasgow local numbers are made up of 7 figures. The length of the local numbers of Glasgow is rare. It is only one of the few cities that use 7-digits for its local number. The first number that is perceived by callers to be part of the area code is the figure 8. This scenario created the 1418 area code as the area code of the Glasgow region.


The first three digits of the 1418 area code are constant. The numbers that are fixed are the numbers 1 and 4. 8 is only temporary since it is a part of Glasgow local numbers. It will be replaced as soon as its supply runs out. The perception that the Glasgow area code will always be represented by the 1418 area code will only hold for some time. When the stock of local numbers that start with 8 is exhausted, Glasgow will be using another number. This would result to another change in the dialing code of Glasgow.


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