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The Edinburgh area code is one of the few in the United Kingdom that has 3 digits. This is proof that it has a wider coverage than other areas. Edinburgh is the second biggest city in Scotland and also has one of the highest populations in the UK. This large number of population would correlate to a considerable amount of telephone numbers.


In the UK, the shorter the area codes, the more numbers can be inserted unto its local numbers. Cities and communities that generally have higher population would have shorter number of area codes. This would give it more supply compared to those that have longer area codes and be able to respond to the demands of phone subscribers.


Originally, the Edinburgh area code only contained 2 digits, specifically “3” and “1”. Including the trunk code, the Edinburgh area code was represented by 031. After PhONEday, it was given the number “1” as an additional digit for its area code.


Fearing that the demand for phone numbers would exceed the available supply, the Edinburgh local numbers would start from having the figure 0 up to the digit 9. Since its local numbers are comprised of 7 numerals, there would be a vast amount of telephone numbers available for new customers and phone subscribers.

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To conform to the 10-digit number length, Edinburgh local numbers are composed of 7 digits. The area code of Edinburgh is only 3 digits in length, but there are many instances that it is sometimes referred to as the 1316 area code. The first number in Edinburgh local numbers is wrongly incorporated into the area code. This incorrect impression can be attributed to the fact that callers are accustomed to seeing 4-digit area codes instead of 3. This factor would explain why the 1316 area code is falsely considered as the area code of Edinburgh.


This mistake would affect businesses in Edinburgh that do not have the “1316 area code”. Companies that have the 131 area code but have a starting local number aside from 6 would find it hard to recruit clients. Customers might confuse their contact numbers as another place or region even if their company is based in Edinburgh. This now becomes a hindrance in recruiting new customers.


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