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The Durham area code has undergone a lot of changes since the 091 area code was employed in the year 1982. This Subscriber Trunk Dialling (STD) system has changed the Durham area code from being 0385 to 091.


Another development that the area code of Durham had undertaken happened on April 16, 1995 when PhONEday took place. The former Durham area code 091 was changed to 0191. This area code pattern of using a 3-digit area code with a 1x1 pattern is utilized by only a few areas.


It is common for callers to mistake the initial digit of the local number as part of the area code. Those that use the 191 area code have initial local numbers that start from “0” to “9”.


In the case of Durham local numbers, the first digit of their local number is “3”. Adding “3” to the 191 area code would result to the 1913 area code. The number pattern for Durham should be published this way: (0191) 3XX XXXX and not as 01913 XX XXXX. The number 3 is not part of the area code, but callers may think that it as part of the area code.


When callers outside of UK would want to contact someone from Durham, they should always remember the 1913 area code and the remaining 6-figures of Durham local numbers as well. A misconception of the exact number of Durham area code and Durham local numbers led to the creation of the 1913 area code.

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