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PhONEday was the reason behind the modification of Dundee area code from 382 to the present 1382 area code. The number "1" was added before the old 382 area code so that all areas in UK would have a unified dialing code. Dundee was not the only area affected with this update in telecommunication. Other areas in the country had to adapt to the change. This new way of dialing was brought about by the growth of phone subscribers. As a response to the demand of new phone numbers, UK's Office of Communications (Ofcom) restructured the telephone numbering plan. Their plan paved the way for new available supply of phone numbers.


Consisting only of six digits, Dundee local numbers are easy to be remembered. Locals are exempted from having to memorize and input the Dundee area code on their phones when they want to place a call in Dundee since the local dialing ability of the area was not affected after the Big Number Change in the year 2000.


However, there is a particular range of numbers in the area that are used as termination points for non-geographic numbers. Furthermore, most of these are automated systems like alarms. 01382 006XXX is the number range in Dundee that has been experiencing problems because some UK mobile phone operators do not permit access to this number range. Long distance callers also face the same difficult situations that mobile phone users have encountered.

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Local numbers cannot be dialed directly to connect a call. Mobile phone callers must dial the Dundee area code before keying in the six digit local number. This way of dialing does not change even if the caller is also calling from the same area of the called party. This number range is not part of Dundee local numbers. It is considered as part of the National Dialing Only Range.


The need to remember the 1382 area code and the Dundee local numbers would create a little state of confusion for callers outside UK. Not all persons are blessed with the skill of memorizing important contact numbers. It would be harder if it is ten digits long. Adding up the trunk code “0” makes it eleven. This poses a threat to companies and businesses within Dundee. A client who forgets either the 1382 area code or the company's Dundee local number would affect the company's profitability. A toll free number is a good way to counter problems associated with having a Dundee area code as a contact number.


Luckily for you and several other small and medium businesses, the RingCentral business phone system has toll free numbers that are inexpensive. This innovative business communication system enables clients to call your company for free and even provide them an easier way to recall your contact number through the 0800 Freephone numbers. With this feature, callers outside UK would no longer have the need to memorize the Dundee area code.


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