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On the 16th of April in 1995, the Derby area code was modified from its previous 0332 to a 1332 area code. The addition of the number 1 was done to increase the supply of phone numbers in the Derby area. The proliferation of devices such as fax machines and Internet dial-ups has contributed to the decrease of the stock of phone numbers. This is because these gadgets also need telephone network lines in order to work.


The Derby area code now is made up of 4 figures as compared to its initial area code which was only 3 digits. This 1332 area code will be assigned to new phone numbers that are subscribing within the coverage of Derby. When placing a call to that location, this new Derby area code will be dialed along with the Derby local numbers.


The problem here is that 1332 area code numbers are not as accessible as the original Derby area code. This situation causes much inconvenience to customers, particularly those that call using mobile phones. The operators of mobile phones in the United Kingdom restrict the access to this number. Clients from abroad will also experience the same obstacles when they want to contact your Derby local numbers.


It is a great bother for customers when they are not able to contact your company using their mobile phones. This situation is annoying, especially for those that are really in need of your help. This bad situation will also affect your business. As your clients are becoming more and more frustrated for not being able to reach your company, the higher the chances of them parting from your organization. They will just find other businesses that offer the same services as you do. This would greatly affect your income and also depreciate the value of your customer relations.

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Instead of being a help, the Derby area code has now become a hindrance when callers try to connect to Derby local numbers. This should not happen. For your business to excel and stand out from others, you should be able to procure a remedy for this ailment in communication. Your company would only prosper if you have a communication system that cannot be influenced by any changes in the telecommunication system.


RingCentral is just the company that you need. Their products and appliances provide many benefits and advantages for your company. Calls made to a RingCentral phone will not be affected by the type of phone the caller is using. Whether it is an office, home or mobile phone, RingCentral is able to accept all calls without causing inconvenience to callers. They instead provide your clients with the utmost ease. That is just one of the reasons why you should avail of their product.


Another feature that would certainly be beneficial to your organization is the Dial-by- name directory. It is one of the features that provide your clients with the most accessibility. This enables your clients to contact you or your employees through providing a first or last name. After giving the name, the auto-attendant then transfers the call to the number of the person that they are looking for. Calls are relayed and transferred until the person being called for is able to attend to the call.


If there is an instance where the individual being called for cannot answer the phone immediately, the call can be sent to voicemail. Calls forwarded to voicemail can be played at a later time when you and your workers are not busy anymore. In this way, you and your employees can properly address the concerns of your clients.


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