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One area code that was formed out of the Big Number Change in 2000 was the Coventry area code. The Big Number Change had reduced the area code number from 4-digits long to only 2 digits. The Coventry area code, which was formerly known as area code 01203, was modified to the become 024.


In the Big Number Change, the subscriber number or the local number is 8 figures in length. Currently, the initial two numbers of the local number, which are 7 and 6 are not yet exhausted. As a result, the 2476 area code is considered by some as part of the old format of area code numbers. This is where callers are at times baffled. Their common idea of the Coventry area code was the same as what it once was, a 4-digit long area code. They still associate the Coventry local numbers with the initial Coventry area code. Instead of being 8-digits long, callers still see the first two figures of the local number as part of the area code and the remaining 6 as Coventry local numbers.


This wrong impression can be attributed to the fact that the original local numbers and area code sum up to 10 digits. The new 024 area code along with its 8-figure local numbers also add up to 10-digits not including the trunk code. This is why most callers cannot distinguish between the new and old.


Callers must keep in mind that the only constant numbers when dialing to Coventry local numbers are the Coventry area code and its trunk prefix. This would make the 2476 area code a temporary code. When all of the current area code supply is used up, it will be changed to another number. The only difference is that its first digits 2 and 4 will still be retained when a new area code is created.

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It is a fact that the current 024 area code will be exhausted in the near future. This should be taken into account by businesses. Companies that are planning to expand their business must now place a reservation for a 2476 area code. This is to maintain the same type of number for the company’s future branch or site extensions. Having the same number would enable your clients to associate your new site to your original company. This is a worthwhile investment for your company but a costly one too. Reserving a phone number cannot be afforded by small and medium businesses (SMBs).


If your company is one of the many SMBs, there is still another way that you can solve the problem mentioned above. You can attain a number that is able to supply you with an unlimited number of extensions and still have the same main contact number. You can achieve this by availing the services of RingCentral. They provide your telecommunications system with a virtual phone number that have limitless number of extensions. What separates this RingCentral feature from others is that you will no longer need additional telephone lines or phone networks to add an extension.


RingCentral also has a Music-on-hold feature that also helps in improving the quality of your customer service. This also assists in projecting a professional image for your company. If your clients perceive what this product is able to project, they will now have more trust in your company. This would encourage them to invest more on your organization.


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