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The current Carlisle area code was created in 1995 during PhONEday. It was during this event that the 1228 area code was first utilized. PhONEday changed the Carlisle area code by the inclusion of the number 1 into the original area code. The number 1 is to be placed right after the trunk code 0.


The Carlisle area code is also part of the area codes that ranges from 01200 to 01998. These are the type of area codes that has 4 figures and are made up of 5-6 digit long local numbers. Its trunk prefix 0 is not included in counting the number of area codes but it must be included when dialing. The Carlisle area code which is the 01228 area code is counted as a 4-digit area code.


Since Carlisle is located in Cumria, it should only follow that the Carlisle area code is also employed in other areas of the county. It is used in Dalston, Haytown, Longtown Wetheral, Nicholforest and Rockcliffe.


Carlisle local numbers are composed of 6 figures. Including the 1228 area code, there are now 10 digits. Theoretically, calling to a local number in Carlisle is addressed as dialing to 10-digits when referring to the dialing code. But when one is literally calling to Carlisle local numbers, they are required to input 11 figures on their phones. If they exclude the zero when they make a call, it will not be connected.


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