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Cardiff area code belongs to the Geographical Number Format of UK. The Big Number Change that occurred in 2000 changed the area code of Cardiff to follow the 02x pattern. This new area code pattern was then to be followed by an eight-digit subscriber number. These 8 digits would then be the ones that would make up the Cardiff local numbers.


The Big Number Change was not the first numbering system format to have changed the Cardiff area code. Before the Big Number Change took place, there was PhONEday. This was the format where the digit “1” was inserted in all United Kingdom's geographic area codes. This altered the initial Cardiff area code from once being 0222 to become 01222.


Because of the Big Number Change, Cardiff's dialing code was changed to (029) 20XX XXXX. By 2005, all possible Cardiff local numbers that started with “2” and “0” were exhausted, so Ofcom again released a new numbering format for Cardiff. (029) 21XX XXXX became the new numbering pattern, thus 2921 area code was born. The eight-digit Cardiff local numbers now begins with the digits “2” and “1” respectively, making 2921 area code as the shortcut for remembering the new Cardiff area code.


On the contrary, the recent Big Number Change resulted to telephone code misconceptions all over United Kingdom. Cardiff was one of the affected areas of this telecommunication dilemma in the country. Cardiff's correct number sequence was supposed to be (029) 20XX XXXX instead of 02920 XXXXXX. The Cardiff area code is supposed to be 029 only and not 02920 or the famous 2921 area code. Because of this misconception, callers oftentimes add the incorrect area code within the Cardiff local number range. This would result to a misdirected and wrongly dialed call.

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Businesses within the City of Cardiff are perplexed by this confusing scenario. The different Cardiff area codes are misleading callers. Some even mix up the Cardiff area code with Cardiff local numbers. Calls intended for a particular business establishment would be diverted to another. This would oftentimes result to big losses in the part of the supposed-to-be real call recipient.


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