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Canterbury's telephone numbers consists of a 4-digit Canterbury area code and an additional 6 digits for Canterbury local numbers. It follows the Geographical Number Format along with several cities and communities in the United Kingdom. Canterbury still uses its original 1227 area code.


The digit "1'" in its area code signifies that Canterbury was one of the areas that participated in PhONEday. This was the event in UK that added new set of numbers to their numbering system. When PhONEday was held in 1995, 9 billion numbers were readily available for consumers. This pool of numbers became the most important components for a new numbering scheme.


Aside from PhONEday, the Big Number Change was also implemented in the UK to augment the supply of phone numbers. This modification in the communication system was needed due to the accelerating exhaustion of numbers. Technological advances in the new millennium that needed the aid of phone lines to work were the reason for such rapid number acquisition of subscribers.


Although the Canterbury area code and the Canterbury local numbers were not affected with this new adjustment, an out of the country caller would still need to dial the 1227 area code before the Canterbury local numbers. Summing up the area's total number of digits to be dialed after trunk code zero (0) would give a total of ten (10) digits. That would be a lot of numbers to be memorized by the caller.

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Callers that are within the same area code of Canterbury will not be troubled by this problem since they only need to remember the company's local number. They would no longer need to input the 1227 area code since it is not required. Clients from abroad are the ones that need to dial both the Canterbury area code and its corresponding local number. This would limit the ease of communication that your company can provide. With your phone system tied to Canterbury area code you are only able to give convenience to local customers but not to clients from abroad.


This dilemma would stunt the growth of your company. You will not be able to expand internationally using the Canterbury area code as part of your contact number. You need to attain of a communication system that would not be bothered by this instances. A phone system that is not associated with the aforementioned number would be beneficial for your offshore clients.


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With RingCentral's 0800 Numbers, you can route all your calls to any phone, anywhere in the world. There is also no need to purchase additional telephone lines since this product from RingCentral can be incorporated unto your current telephone system. This saves you money that you can still use for other business activities and projects. With just a single line, all your business communication needs will be catered.


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