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The Bradford area code was one of the area codes that were changed on 1995. The change occurred on PhONEday, an event that was instigated by the Office of Communication (OFCOM) as part of the United Kingdom telephone numbering plan. This was done to increase the supply of phone numbers in the Bradford area that was rapidly declining.


The Bradford area code is made up of four digits, while the Bradford local numbers can either be composed of 5 or 6 digits. Callers must be aware of this fact. Forgetting one number will not connect their calls. All of these numbers are dialed together with the trunk code 0 to place a call in Bradford.


The transition of the Bradford area code to the new 1274 area code brought many complications. When the 1274 area code was employed in the Bradford area, its original area code was still widely used in the area. Business customers must also dial the Bradford area code along with the Bradford local numbers.


This would influence the communications of companies and businesses that are based on that area. Not only do they need to remind callers about their area code and their Bradford local numbers, they must also be able to sustain losing some customers to this change. They will lose customers because some of them may forget their contact number or may find it too much of a hassle to dial many numbers.

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As more and more supply of telephone numbers are decreasing and with some areas running out of phone numbers, it will not be long before the current Bradford area code and Bradford local numbers will be all used up. This would lead to the creation of another area code, and all of the aforementioned problems that businesses encountered will again be experienced.


So as not to experience the difficulties that a change in area code brings, you must have a telecommunications system that is not reliant on area codes. RingCentrral is a provider of such a communication system. They have features that would boost your company's phone system.


One of the features that would greatly enhance your business communication is the virtual PBX. It includes an auto-attendant and also gives your company an unlimited number of extensions.


The auto-attendant aids in improving the relationship your company has with its clients. Its tasks are to receive all communication processes. These would include calls, messages, faxes and even voicemails. It is able to do this for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Any chance of missing important calls will no longer happen with the help of this feature. This also saves you from hiring a receptionist or a phone operator.


Site and Branch office numbers are not the only numbers that can be incorporated unto this system. Mobile phones, home numbers and other gadgets that have Internet access can be registered as an extension. With these extensions on multiple devices, you empower your company's telecommunication system to cover more area and widen your reach. This would enable you to service more customers.


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