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There are six areas that possess the 1x1 area code pattern, and the Birmingham area code is one of them. These types of area codes are composed of three-digits that are placed after the initial 0 also know as its trunk code. This was the type of area code assigned to Birmingham after the developments that happened in PhONEday.


It was during this time that the Birmingham area code was altered. The Birmingham area code now has an additional 1 before the trunk code. From 0-213, Birmingham changed it to become the 0-1213 area code. Though this is the number that is currently being used in Birmingham's new phone numbers, its original area code is still utilized in several parts of the city.


Currently there are 2 area codes being utilized in the city -- the 1213 area code and the pioneer Birmingham area code. Both of these area codes are vital when you want to connect a call to Birmingham local numbers. Some of these numbers are composed of seven digits while others are just 6-digits.


The length of these Birmingham local numbers are dependent on what area code it is using. Those that employ the 1213 area code have 6-digit Birmingham local numbers. On the other hand, the previous area code utilizes seven digits. Though Birmingham area codes and local numbers may differ in their quantity, they sum up to ten digits.

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Having ten digits is not that long for a contact phone number. But a 10-digit number that is composed of a random set of numbers would seem to be longer to some callers. Additionally, callers must keep in mind that Birmingham area code is not only comprised of one but two. This is not a good sign for companies that have this as their contact number. This might compromise their communication system and affect the success of their business.


As a solution for this bad situation, companies must gain a contact number that would eliminate the hassles that come with being restricted to owning Birmingham area codes. RingCentral can provide you with a business phone system that would help your company in hurdling past these obstacles in communication.


Included in the RingCentral telephony product feature is Click-to-call-me. This is an innovative feature that allows your customers to contact your company by simply clicking on a web link. With just a click of a mouse button, your clients will instantly be calling to your organization. This gives them the ability to reach your company wherever they are as long as they have an Internet connection.


This feature gives your clients the utmost convenience in maintaining constant communication with your business. Even if they are out of town, clients can call your company without the hefty cost of long-distance calls. This would then allow you to properly attend to their calls. The more access they have to your company, the better your ability will be in addressing their concerns.


This scenario would result to more satisfied customers and an improved customer relationship. When your customers are satisfied, the more loyal they will become. Clients will now invest more money on your company since they know that they can trust your company.


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