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One of the many area codes in the United Kingdom that use 4 digits in their area code is the Armagh area code. Its first area code was 01861. The number 0 is not counted, so it belongs to the 4-digits group of area code. The Armagh area code is used for third level cities. This classification is based on the area covered by Armagh.


The Armagh area code belongs to the latest format of area codes. This was formed as part of the Big Number Change that happened in the United Kingdom in the year 2000. The Big Number Change was a solution done in reaction to the fast increase in telecommunication technology. Gadgets like mobile phones and dial-up Internet were among the reasons why many area codes in the UK were rapidly accumulated. The Armagh area code is among those area codes that were greatly affected.


This change provided consumers with new area codes that start with 02 instead of the original 01. This altered the Armagh area code from once being a 01861to a 2837 area code. The first four figures of the new number specify a location or region within a city or country. In the case of the 2837 area code, it is what separates the city of Armagh from other cities and towns located in Northern Ireland.


This helps callers in knowing where the phone number is based from. They can easily identify that a number having a 2837 area code would connect a call to Armagh local numbers. Callers must also keep in mind that area code 01861 is still in use in Armagh. This means that there are two area codes being used on the area.

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There might even be instances wherein an Armagh local numbers serves two area codes. Despite the fact that these numbers have the same Armagh local numbers, they might not be related. Clients who misplace one area code for another, even if the local number was keyed in properly, might find themselves being connected to another place or company.


There are some companies that pay to acquire both of the local numbers to avoid confounding their customers. The cost for obtaining both is expensive and can hardly be afforded by small and medium scale businesses. But the cash they've spent is worth it since their customers now have the convenience of dialing either one of the area codes and still be connected to the same company.


This causes a major disparity among competing businesses. Companies that can afford the expense already have a big advantage over those who cannot. If your business can hardly afford such need, you can avail of RingCentral business phone system.


RingCentral telephony appliances give your company a toll free number that would prevent these complications from ever affecting your business. Toll free numbers remove the hassles of having to promote 4-digit long area codes. Additionally, your customers now have lesser numbers to memorize and key in. Toll free numbers are also easier to retain in memory, especially if you obtain their vanity number services. This is an alphanumeric number that gives your phone number the ability to stand out among other phone numbers.


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