The Engagement Equation

Engaged employees + engaged customers = business profitability

Customer expectations are not being met. Employees who serve them blame disjointed communications technologies. Here’s why:

  • 74% say they toggle daily between apps to resolve customer issues.
  • 88% say disjointed communications apps negatively impact workflow and job satisfaction.
  • 89% say broken workflow and low employee job satisfaction impact customer satisfaction and the bottom line.
  • The benefits of employee engagement have been well documented, as have those of customer engagement. But less obvious are the benefits of using communications technologies to connect these two strategies—until now. Recent research shows how a single cloud communications platform can boost both employee and customer engagement, leading to increases in customer satisfaction and business profitability. Get the eBook
  • Happier employees make for happier customers. The key to success is arming both with effective communications technologies. This in-depth report outlines five key strategies you can deploy to drive deeper employee and customer engagement. See the full report
Team collaboration at the core of our RingCentral solution helps our communications run more smoothly and also keeps us better connected and feeling more like a team—even though our agents are geographically scattered. Plus, it allows us to better serve our customers.

Michael Baker, Enterprise Architect, Brightway Insurance

Learn how collaborative communications empowers employees and customers to work as one