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We’re all looking for a secure way to share and upload files. With more businesses encouraging flexible working and many employees communicating between different workspaces, file sharing is essential in ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

While many businesses continue to share files through email, it’s becoming clear that it’s not the most sophisticated file sharing tool. Email attachments have upload limits in terms of file size and file storage and don’t make document collaboration easy. Plus, there’s no guarantee that your documents are safe. 

So, you’re better off using collaboration tools that support messaging and video conferencing, while you share files with your team.  

RingCentral Video is a collaboration tool that makes file sharing easy. With tons of cloud storage and many additional features, you can send large files without worrying about storage space or security. But what makes document sharing with RingCentral Video so special?

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Remote team using RingCentral Video for video conferencing and file sharing

Secure file sharing software for your business: An overview

With RingCentral Video, sending and receiving files only takes a matter of seconds. But what exactly is file sharing, and how does RingCentral Video make it so easy?

What is file sharing?

The concept of file sharing is pretty simple: it’s the public or private sharing of documents between two or more recipients. Colleagues might share files when they’re based in separate workspaces across the globe, but they might also share files when they’re sitting next to each other in an office.

One of the reasons file sharing can become complicated is because of storage space. With standard methods such as email attachments, people often find that:

  • They can’t send large files 
  • File transfers and uploading can be time-consuming
  • They aren’t able to send multiple files at once
  • Downloading larger file sizes is difficult due to limited storage space
  • Online files are not well protected (through password protection, etc.) 

Whether you run a big or small business, file sharing is a standard activity in most professions. However, some industries use it more than others.

Legal or healthcare professions need to be particularly careful when it comes to file sharing as they regularly deal with highly confidential documents. Any business regularly sending files with personal information needs to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

So, it’s important to always ensure that file sharing is safe and secure. But employees also want it to be fast. Most modern businesses send hundreds, if not thousands, of files a day. When it’s time-consuming and tedious, employees lose motivation and struggle to focus.

File sharing with RingCentral Video

RingCentral Video is a free collaboration tool with a file sharing service that allows you to send, upload, and store files, fast. Unlike email, RingCentral Video combines all areas of workplace communication into one seamless file sharing system. With free file sharing built right into your team conversations, no one misses out or gets in trouble for forgetting to CC their manager onto an email.

But why does that matter? Well, for starters, it means fewer hours spent watching an irritating spinning wheel, less cluttered inboxes, and more relaxed employees. We all dread the frantic scramble of deleting old files to prevent our devices running out of space. When file sharing with RingCentral Video, people find that:

  • They can send large files with ease
  • File transfers and uploading are speedy
  • They can send multiple files at once
  • There’s plenty of cloud storage space to download larger files 
  • File permissions ensure that documents remain confidential 

RingCentral Video’s unlimited storage means you can send whatever you want, whenever you want, no matter the file format. Whether it’s photos, videos, or documents, you can preview and stream safely and securely. And, with your files uploaded directly to the cloud, you always know where to find them.

Employees sharing files with each other through RingCentral Video

Benefits of document sharing with RingCentral Video

There are no two ways about it, secure document sharing is important. From the group presentation to the numbers that don’t add up, colleagues need to be on the same page.

But, when it comes to file sharing with RingCentral Video, there are numerous additional benefits:

Quick collaboration

RingCentral Video focuses on team communication. With in-built video conferencing, teams are able to send files and quickly jump on calls to discuss any concerns. With video recording and messaging functions, teams can ensure that they have all the information they need to collaborate effectively.

But it isn’t just video calling that helps with quick collaboration. RingCentral Video’s online file sharing function ensures that teams can access online files to edit in real time. With a sharing link for all members of the team to access, colleagues across numerous locations can work on the same shared files and make changes as a team.  

And, with RingCentral Video, it doesn’t matter which device you use. The desktop app allows users to access files from their computer—whether it runs on Windows or macOS—whereas the mobile app means that users can see files on the go, too. RingCentral Video is compatible with all mobile devices, so whether you’re an Android or iOS user, you can work just as well from the train as you can from the office.

Better organization

Organization is key for every business. File sharing with RingCentral Video makes the workplace a more organized place, whether it’s an office, football pitch, or studio. But how can one collaboration tool make such a huge difference?

It’s pretty simple. RingCentral Video has in-built cloud content management that keeps teams organized. With cloud files, teams can use shared folders to store files online and ensure that everyone knows where documents are kept. For example, a team might dedicate an entire folder to one project; storing all related documents in the same safe location.

RingCentral Video’s file system helps keep you organized and efficient, with color coding and task assignment to keep your team on track. It also saves time, as you’ll spend less of it searching for documents. Once you’ve accessed your files in a matter of seconds, the real work can begin. So, ditch the USB drives and start using a proper file manager.

Increased security

Every employer needs to ensure that file sharing is safe. A data breach can be the end of a company, and when information finds its way into the wrong hands, clients, customers, or even patients become at risk. But how does RingCentral Video make file sharing safer?

There are a number of ways, including the following:

  • Unlike an FTP server, secure files have file permissions so only those who have the right information can access them.  
  • File syncing and file hosting ensure that your data is safe, secure, and 100% private. Not only does the cloud create more storage space, but cloud storage services are safer than USB drives or filing cabinets that can easily be left lying around, stolen, or broken into.

With RingCentral Video, all file types are protected. It’s online file sharing without the nerves.

Boosted workflow

Document sharing is a necessity in most workplaces. But, when it becomes a chore, the workplace can be a frustrating and arduous environment. When employees find elements of their work tedious, they’ll lose motivation and the workflow will stagnate.

RingCentral Video is all about making life easier for everyone involved. When teams share files with RingCentral Video, not only does the process become easier, it also feels more enjoyable. With the ability to color-code, send emojis, and create your own files and folders, working feels less stuffy and more creative.

When employees are encouraged to take initiative and enjoy their work, every area of the workflow becomes much more effective. Employees will encourage each other and improve productivity. RingCentral Video isn’t just a place to upload files, it’s somewhere to build relationships, collaborate effectively, and enjoy working life.

Manager sending files to his team while in an online meeting using RingCentral Video
RingCentral Video: Features

It’s clear that RingCentral Video has plenty of benefits when it comes to file share. But what about additional features and functionalities?


RingCentral Video keeps teams connected with built-in team messaging. When files and messages are sent in the same location, there’s less space for confusion. Everyone’s included, and fewer people are fed up with being CC’d into emails they don’t need to see.

With RingCentral Video, you can create messaging groups for your separate teams and send files in one easy to access place. With emojis, gifs, and unlimited storage, the team chat becomes a creative, fun, and professional workspace, with the ability to:

  • Send messages back and forth quickly and easily
  • Share a file with one simple click
  • Collaborate on files 
  • Find messages in your archive

With RingCentral Video, messaging and file sharing is a seamless process. With drag and drop, sending a file from your phone or computer has never been easier. You’ve even got time to add your favorite gif along with it.

Video conferencing

You can’t beat face-to-face communication. When a team project needs a little tweaking or you want some confirmation on notes your manager sent you, there’s nothing better than being able to jump on a video call.

RingCentral Video has in-built video conferencing, making communication that bit quicker. With features such as video recording, screen sharing, and background noise reduction, it becomes easier to:

  • Discuss online files in person
  • Organize and plan group projects
  • Host webinars or online events 
  • Collaborate on multiple files 
  • Host team meetings

RingCentral Video makes life that bit easier for teams working on multiple files at once. When files are sent and stored in one location, teams can easily find them and communicate over video calls without delay or confusion. So you’ve got an extra minute to make your coffee before the team meeting.


All teams want to be able to send files quickly and easily. But they also want their file sharing system to integrate with their other apps. The best file collaboration tools don’t work in isolation; they sync with all other essential software, apps, and programs to create a totally seamless experience. Luckily, RingCentral Video is one of them.

Unlike file sharing sites, with RingCentral Video you can share from anywhere. Using Google Onedrive or your Gmail account, you can upload files straight to RingCentral Video. But it doesn’t stop there. RingCentral Video integrates with thousands of other apps such as Trello, Salesforce, and many more, making teams able to:

  • Manage and combine information from numerous accounts
  • Use one sign-in
  • Share and organize work more efficiently
  • Get better insights
  • Automate certain workflows

With RingCentral Video, teams can create a more holistic working experience. By combining information from other apps and accounts, they can learn more about their customers and clients, and share files more efficiently.

Live support

RingCentral Video is great for small businesses looking for a little extra help. This is because, when you use RingCentral Video, you get the added bonus of 24/7 live support from its parent company, RingCentral.

With the ability to connect to a live agent via phone, email, or direct message, we guarantee to respond to all queries as quickly as possible. So, if you ever have any issues or concerns when it comes to RingCentral Video, we’ve got you covered.

And, when it comes to pricing, you don’t need to worry. RingCentral Video is completely free, meaning that you can spend your money elsewhere. Whether that’s on marketing, recruitment, or social events, you can rest assured that RingCentral Video gives you the space to share, edit, and upload files—all without spending a single dollar.

Team lead receiving reports from her staff using RingCentral Video’s file sharing feature

Start sharing

File sharing often seems complicated. From cloud storage, to file size, to document collaboration, it can seem downright impossible to get everything included in one foolproof system. Until now.

With RingCentral Video, team collaboration is key. And, at RingCentral, we know that collaboration can’t occur without seamless file sharing with the restrictions removed. It really is that simple.

No matter the file format, RingCentral Video keeps your team connected. Start sharing with RingCentral Video today.