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Provide best in class customer experience with call deflection. Remove holding time and facilitate engagement on digital channels.

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Reduce the number of inbound calls while increasing your customer satisfaction. No more on hold calls, smooth transition to digital channels to provide the best service to your customers.
Strong adoption of messaging

Reduce costs

With call deflection businesses can manage an average 15% saving as digital channels are cheaper to manage than calls. You can also incorporate a bot to handle all simple inquiries further reducing costs.

Cheaper for support teams

Reduce number of calls

You can offer deflection before, during or after the call to provide a great service to your customers and easily manage complex actions–like sending documents through digital channels.

Easy automation

Increase customer satisfaction

Remove waiting times to speak to an agent, divert your customers to their channel of choice and support smooth service across channels.

See how you can improve your customer engagement now.

Easier management,

Happier customers

Provide service outside business hours

You can divert your calls to a chatbot to manage customer inquiries outside business hours even if you're not working.

Manage complex actions

Sometimes the phone is not the most suited channel to manage some actions like electronic signature, send / receive documents.

Reduce waiting time

During the call to avoid holding the line you can offer your customers to continue the conversation on their channel of choice.

Use context

No need for customers to repeat you can use the information collected on the phone or via the IVR to continue the conversation.

What are the business benefits?

With call deflection, contact centres can increase their customer satisfaction and reduce their costs. It needs to be through the customer journey in order to:
  • Speed processes
  • Retain more customers
  • Drive conversions
  • Direct to the right person
Digital interactions are the future, and we need call deflection to support this transition from phone calls.
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