Compliance and Administrative Cost Recovery Fee

RingCentral Compliance and Administrative Cost Recovery Fee: This fee is a charge that is used to recover a portion of costs associated with RingCentral's compliance with regulatory and tax requirements and to recover fees related to intellectual property matters, including  (1) fees RingCentral is required to pay to support the Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS) Fund, which supports facilities and services used to provide telecommunications services for individuals with hearing or speech disabilities; (2) annual regulatory fees assessed on RingCentral by the Federal Communications Commission and/or Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission; (3) costs RingCentral incurs making required tax and regulatory filings; (4) regulatory and similar surcharges RingCentral pays to the providers of telecommunications services that RingCentral uses to provide its services; and (5) charges associated with the filing and maintenance of patents, trademarks and other proprietary rights.