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Limited by a legacy PABX and paper-based fax system, Aghapy Medical Centre switched to RingCentral’s cloud-based telephony and online fax platform that is delighting its staff and patients.
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Increased capacity

Increased capacity and features to handle all inbound and outbound calls

Reduction in costs

Consistent monthly subscription costs, and reduction in overall telephony costs

Сaring for the environment

Online fax services reducing environmental impact and enhancing patient security and privacy

We were looking for a reliable and secure cloud-based telephony solution, with a predictable monthly subscription cost – no bill shocks like we had from our previous provider.

Dr Anwar Nan

Owner, Aghapy Medical Centre
Aghapy Medical Centre is a general practice clinic offering mixed billing services and operating in the south-eastern Melbourne suburb of Pakenham. Delivering diverse medical services and clinical treatments to the wide range of age groups and cultures that are representative of the Pakenham region, Aghapy Medical Centre’s owner and operator Dr Anwar Nan is committed to ensuring patients feel welcome and are provided with the highest quality of medical care.
“I feel satisfied and happy helping patients attending the practice and do my best to help everyone,” said Dr Nan. 
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Melbourne, Australia

Overcoming line limits and avoiding bill shock

Aghapy Medical Centre had been using an on-premise PABX, which was limited to four SIP lines. That meant when its reception phones were busy, there were limited opportunities for the centre’s doctors to contact patients for their telehealth appointments. Also, when the practice moved from its copper lines to SIP, it hadn’t been able to retain its existing numbers, which resulted in different numbers being displayed when dialling out. That created some confusion for patients receiving calls from the medical centre.
In addition to improving customer experience by taking more incoming calls (rather than patients hearing the engage tone when the lines were busy), Aghapy Medical Centre wanted to have more control and certainty over its telephony costs. 
“We were looking for a reliable and secure cloud-based telephony solution, with a predictable monthly subscription cost – no bill shocks like we had from our previous provider,” said Dr Nan.
After seeing a detailed demonstration of the solution and its features, Aghapy Medical Centre selected RingEX as the ideal telephony and online fax solution.  
Aghapy Medical Centre now has a consistent monthly telephony bill that is also lower than its previous costs, and has seen additional savings by managing its phone system internally, rather than having to call out third-party support technicians to make any changes. For any more complex issues, RingCentral support is on call to assist.
Using RingCentral eFax is saving on paper, increasing security and reducing the medical centre’s environmental impact. 
“Medical centres rely heavily on fax, and we have now totally moved to electronic faxes. We can now keep track of these faxes, receive delivery confirmation notifications, and save on the printing cost,” said Dr Nan.

Positive employee and customer experience

The increased line capacity has had a significant impact with positive feedback from both staff and patients. If the reception team is busy, rather than receiving an engaged signal, patients are put in a queue to be answered as soon as a team member is free. When doctors are calling patients from either their desk phone or RingCentral’s mobile app, they aren’t limited by the number of lines available and the medical centre’s main number is displayed as the caller.
To keep track of performance, Aghapy Medical Centre’s team receives a daily automated report from the RingCentral system providing visibility on peaks and troughs in activity and how they are managing and handling patient calls.  
Once work is completed on its accreditation process, Dr Nan is planning to migrate a second medical centre to RingCentral in the near future.
“I’d really like to thank RingCentral for being very supportive through the whole process,” said Dr Nan.