Why your employees matter

Natasha Hawker


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RingCentral is proud to support Season 2 of the podcast ‘Employees Matte‪r’. The podcast, from one of Australia’s leading HR experts Natasha Hawker, was established last year to bring the latest information to support business leaders and managers through COVID-19, so that they don’t just survive – but thrive. The podcast features a wide range of HR and workplace topics through interviews with leading proponents in areas including public policy, mental health, industrial relations and employment law, workplace health and safety, parenting, accounting and economics.

Some of the people Natasha is interviewing in Season 2 include Kate Carnell, Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman; Nicki Hutley, Partner at Deloitte Access Economics; and Leanne Pilkington, Head of The Real Estate Institute of Australia.

At RingCentral, we share Natasha’s core belief that your employees are your greatest asset, and should be treated as such. That’s been a key factor for organisations who have successfully navigated the challenges over the last 12 months.

“Fostering an inclusive and connected workplace has been a core value with which our employees dealt with all the transitions and changes brought about by 2020,” wrote our Chief People Officer Gunjan Aggarwal in a recent blog post.

Embracing inclusivity and diversity in the workplace has been particularly challenging worldwide due to the range of social and political turmoil we have had to endure, magnified by the pressures of dealing with a global pandemic. RingCentral has stayed on the front foot throughout, putting our employees first. There are a range of great blog posts on what we have been doing globally as a responsible and inclusive employer under our ‘Life @ RingCentral’ and ‘Corporate News’ blogs.

The employee experience is also fundamental to the services and solutions we provide.  Our unified communications and contact centre solutions provide a great opportunity for organisations to foster and build a connected and engaged workforce, which has become increasingly important as we look ahead to what will be a long-term hybrid working environment. There are some great resources and opinion pieces available in the ‘Employee Experience’ category on our Australian blog.

As a business owner, a senior leader or manager, or an entrepreneur we encourage you to make use of the various resources RingCentral has published over the last year on why your employees matter.

You can find out more about Natasha Hawker and her business, Employee Matters here. And, please subscribe or listen now to episodes from Natasha’s Employee Matters podcast!




Originally published 21 Apr, 2021

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