Three Ways to Deliver a Next-Level CX

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A great customer experience (CX) can play a huge role in helping you build longer-lasting and trusting relationships with your customers. On the flip side, any misstep could result in lasting damage and lost customer loyalty. According to research from Adobe, 71% of customers are likely to stop purchasing from a brand that breaks their trust.

How do you deliver next-level CX?

Having the right customer service technologies on your side is a great place to start. In our most recent eBook, we explore how three Australian businesses are harnessing technology to streamline and strengthen their CX. Here’s a quick snapshot on how they are doing it.

1. Greater Visibility and Flexibility

Australasia’s largest real estate group Ray White operates Concierge, an 80-agent contact centre that can “take care of everything” for home buyers, renters, investors and sellers.

Concierge makes over 50,000 calls per month and delivers almost 40,000 real estate opportunities to agents each year. As a volume-based business, the biggest benefit for Concierge in deploying RingCentral Contact Centre is greater visibility, explains Kelly Tatlow, CEO, Ray White Concierge:

“RingCentral allows us to better monitor our productivity, and work with our agents on their particular development areas, so that we can now focus our coaching and training for individual team members. Breaking down the volume of calls per hour into skills, teams and agents is very helpful to compare performance within our teams and to compare the volume of calls different teams can achieve.”

RingCentral has also given Concierge greater flexibility and speed in moving agents between different teams and departments. From an outbound perspective, “the ability to change the caller ID via skills easily through the ACD function to switch between calling from mobiles, landlines, New Zealand and Australian numbers has been a big innovation for our business,” said Tatlow.

2. Consolidate and Unify Your Communications

You can ensure far greater consistency between contact centre and non-contact centre staff with a global unified communications and contact centre platform to better meet the needs of your customers, particularly during peak demand for your services.

That’s exactly what Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) did in deploying a RingCentral platform. That’s providing the organisation with fully featured video and audio conferencing, contact centre, analytics and reporting, together with application integration with CA ANZ’s Microsoft Teams and Salesforce platforms.

The RingCentral platform has been effective in helping CA ANZ manage its annual subscription renewal period at the end of each financial year. “These periods are an incredibly busy time for us and our members. Working with the RingCentral team and the technology, we’ve been able to ramp up that contact centre capability in rapid fashion for renewals. We also now have insight into phone and IVR data to find out what our members have been calling us about, so we can tailor our messages and set their expectations according to the different queues,” said Richard Wiltshire, who was the General Manager Technology for CA ANZ at the time.

3. Create Omnichannel Capabilities

Iconic Sydney tourism experience BridgeClimb deployed RingCentral unified communications and contact centre solutions across its entire staff to enable multichannel communications and improve customer service. The RingCentral UC solution provides voice, video, online meetings, and team messaging – replacing at least five different internal systems that they had been running previously. RingCentral Contact Centre provides BridgeClimb’s customer service team multichannel capabilities with email, phone and chat in a universal queue, with extensive performance reporting and analytics across the entire communications platform.

BridgeClimb is a great example that providing a great CX is also about streamlining your operations, improving efficiencies and making life easier for your staff, which leads to happier customers.

RingCentral’s cloud-based solutions are built with the customer experience front of mind, helping you deliver exceptional customer experiences. For more inspiration, take a look at our helpful eBook to see how three of our customers are doing just this.

Originally published 06 Sep, 2022, updated 07 Sep, 2022

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