Now available: The 2022 RingCentral Impact Report


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2022 was a pivotal year for our ESG (environment, social impact, and governance) program. We’re incredibly proud of what our teams have accomplished and the support from throughout the company.

Among many of the efforts we made, we’re most proud of pushing our sustainability program forward – committing first to net zero for our UK office. We surveyed all of our primary stakeholders to find out what is most meaningful to them, and we worked diligently to raise our ESG ratings to AA with MSCI, 63 (Silver medal) with Ecovadis, and prime with ISS. We also established the RingCentral Foundation, 501(c)(3) to enhance our commitment to charitable giving.

Read the 2022 RingCentral Impact Report

Here are a few more highlights of what we accomplished in 2022:

  • Completed a materiality assessment
  • Set 2022 as the baseline energy consumption year
  • Established formal ESG oversight at the board, executive, and leadership levels
  • Implemented ESG reporting software
  • Commitment to net zero by 2050 for our UK office
  • Established the RingCentral Foundation
  • Identified better process to track and increase our supplier diversity
  • Won the Frost & Sullivan Enlightened Growth Leadership award

Our AVP of ESG Jen Hill says, “I couldn’t be more proud of the work we’ve done in 2022 to advance our program so much in so little time. To take our program from its bootstrapped beginnings to the strong foundation it is now, in just one year- it’s tremendous. And it’s all thanks to our passionate teams, open culture, and drive to become better corporate citizens.”

As the world focuses more on the environment and social issues, we are excited to continue developing our corporate responsibility and positively impacting our people, the communities in which we operate, and the environment.

To see all of the exciting work we’ve done, take a look at our 2022 Impact Report.

Originally published Sep 08, 2023

Originally published 10 Sep, 2023, updated 29 Nov, 2023

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