Our Best Video Conferencing Tips and Tools

Best video conferencing tips and tools


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Worldwide business is growing at an exponential rate. To keep up with the demands of this ever-evolving landscape, you want to make sure you have the right project management and communications tools at your disposal.

With more people working remotely, video calling has become an intrinsic part of everyday life and it’s here to stay. In fact, in a 2018 survey by Forrester, a staggering 74% of IT decision-makers saw an increase in video conference calls – and that’s just one example. 

If you’re only just dipping your toe in the water, how do you make sure you invest in the best high quality video conferencing and cloud communications tools Australia has to offer, especially with so many options to choose from? In this article, we explore video conferencing basics and how this technology can be used by businesses to drive better communication in a B2B setting.

What is video conferencing used for?

Primarily, video conferencing is used to connect two or more people in different geographical locations, allowing them to talk face to face in a single virtual space. But many video conferencing tools also come with a range of other useful office solutions

We’d like to think that RingCentral is up there among the best video conferencing software in Australia, and globally. It offers an all-in-one communications solution that allows groups of colleagues to meet online to exchange ideas, collaborate on projects, share content and connect with clients in just a few clicks.

Video conferencing and cloud-based business software can provide a cost-effective way to communicate information in real time. And being able to interact with each other, regardless of location, can also help boost your team members’ job satisfaction, motivation and productivity.

Who uses video conferencing?

For businesses that want to communicate with large groups of people simultaneously, or host big, virtual events, like webinars and panel discussions, video conferencing is an essential tool. 

Video conferencing is used by all manner of organisations that are looking to connect with each other and their business partners. At RingCentral, we offer a range of services for smaller companies, larger enterprises with up to 10,000 users, and everybody in between. 

A big, global company being able to easily arrange cross-divisional meetings with staff members in different countries is a good example of video conferencing coming into its own. As a communications tool, it’s used widely across almost all industries, with the likes of healthcare, education and financial services all taking advantage of the benefits it brings. 

One of the many reasons RingCentral is a great video conferencing option for Australian and international companies alike, is the fact that it can be integrated with other applications. Such cross-platform integration will come in handy for any organisations looking to adapt a top video conferencing solution to their existing collaboration and communications systems.

The advantages of video conferencing training

Video conferencing training can enable your staff members to improve their working methods and upskill from anywhere in the world, with scope to invite up to 100 users in any one session. 

Using video conferencing to deliver training virtually and record your sessions also means that no physical training space or fixed start time is needed. Your team members can join from the comfort of their home or designated work space, and training sessions can be open ended, offering huge amounts of flexibility in terms of scale and format. 

This removes the need for travel to and from a training location, reducing lost working hours and helping your business save money. Shared screens and digital documents minimises the need for physical training assets, cutting your company’s costs further. 

What to look for in a video conferencing solution

Right at the start of the list of things to consider when comparing top video conferencing solutions is service reliability. At RingCentral we pride ourselves on making sure our products and services facilitate true 24/7 business continuity, including uninterrupted access in the case of any internet outage. 

Thanks to our self-service portal, you can log on to our servers in real-time to monitor the health of your service and receive up-to-the minute information on any systems issues that may be affecting your communications. 

Another important feature to factor in is data security, for you as well as your clients and business partners. Regular Private Branch Exchange or PBX can help keep information secure and future proof, and is included as part of our service package. More information on what this means for businesses can be found in our Secure Cloud Communications and Collaboration white paper. We also adhere to a comprehensive suite of security protocols that meet all industry standards, via our Trust Centre.

Affordable video conferencing from RingCentral

When it comes to choosing the best video conferencing solution for your business, cost is usually a key part of the decision-making process. With RingCentral Office there is a price point to suit any pocket, from budget video conferencing to our Ultimate plan. 

Even our most affordable, Essentials package comes with a great feature set, including: 

  • Up to 49 users
  • Unlimited inbound calling minutes
  • 250 outbound calling minutes per user
  • 100 inbound minutes for 1800/1300 numbers
  • Team messaging
  • Document sharing
  • 24/7 support

If you’re looking for something a bit more comprehensive, we have plans with lots of additional functionality and benefits, such as unlimited audio conferencing, multi-level IVR, real time analytics and CRM integration. 

Regardless of your company size and budget, finding the best video conferencing and high quality communications tools for your business needs to start with establishing exactly what you want to get out of it. If that’s something you think we can help you with, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of video conferencing software consultants.

Originally published 19 Jan, 2021, updated 13 Jan, 2023

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