RingCentral’s Top CX Innovations: Fall 2023


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Customer experience is critical to business success today. Companies who do it well know one thing for sure: technology can be a huge help.

Whether it’s faster resolution times on customer issues or more efficient communication, technology is changing the CX game for the better. And it isn’t just the customers who are happy. Streamlined workflows and deeper insights mean less stress for your whole CX team. 

That’s why RingCentral’s customer experience solutions continue to expand, and this fall is no exception! Here are the top customer experience innovations for fall 2023 for better customer, agent and supervisor experiences.

1.  Bot Skill Store

According to a recent Harvard Business Review study, 81% of customers want to start their journey with digital and bots, so expanding digital self-service is critical. Our Bot Skill Store is one more way to expand self-service quickly, as you don’t have to build all your self-service bots from scratch. If you already use our Bot Builder product, you will automatically get the Bot Skill Store.

Example: Benefit from a specific chatbot skill for escalation.

2. Richer messaging

Handle digital channels more effectively with rich messaging, such as Quick Replies and List Pickers, without technical knowledge. These templates can be applied across multiple digital channels to create better interactions for agents and bots while providing consistent messaging across messaging channels. Create more engaging and efficient interactions thanks to rich links, which can be decorated with an image, a title and a subtitle to be more appealing.

Pictures and call-to-action titles can engage customers to click. Quick replies, rich links and list pickers can be selected as pre-set templates to gain time for agents but also for customers who can click or tap instead of writing.

Example: A list picker allows customers to select answers in one click: the reason why they contact you or to book an appointment for a video call.  

3. Proactive real-time alerts for supervisors

Expand the one-stop-shop supervisor experience with real-time audio and visual alerts as well as suggested next steps so supervisors can instantly help agents in need. These alerts are based on agent state and customer sentiment. Supervisors can focus on interactions that are going wrong and make instant assistance decisions based on the information.

Proactive real-time alerts on unusual agent state duration help the supervisor monitor and better assist the agent activity in case, with proposed actions directly available from the alert.

Example: A supervisor sees that the customer sentiment is low on a particular agent interaction and jumps in to help.

4. New agent experience

This feature is one of the most important innovations; it supports the ability of your agents to deliver a best-in-class customer experience. Agents now have consistent, modern experiences incorporating all digital-first private and public channels and one-click integrations across all agent solutions. This offers an intuitive UI for a seamless omnichannel experience. Relevant customer data, including interaction history and data from integrated CRMs, appears on agent desktops and provides agents with a complete view of the customer. Even if the information comes from multiple data sources and CRMs, a single contact card provides full visibility into the customer journey. Your agents are empowered to respond effectively, delivering personalised and insightful responses that will delight your customers.

Example: When a customer calls with an issue, the single contact card provides full visibility into the customer’s journey so the agent is empowered to respond effectively.

5. Better work life balance with flexible scheduling

Empower agents to manage their schedules better with more granular shift trading with other agents. Supervisors will be automatically notified and will have the ability to accept or decline the request. Empower agents by allowing more granular trades. Meet your agents’ needs to self-manage schedules flexibly while meeting business objectives.

Example: An agent has an upcoming doctor appointment and asks to trade a shift with another available agent to anticipate the absence.

Choose RingCentral for optimised customer experiences

Keeping up with innovation is essential to providing the type of experiences customers demand. It allows your business to tap into the full capabilities of intelligent connected experiences.

The RingCentral Customer Experience portfolio is one of the most advanced communications systems available. It continues to incorporate new features like these to support contact centre agents in their efforts to serve customers. Empower your agents and boost productivity and call effectiveness.

Learn more by requesting a demo today!

Originally published 28 Apr, 2023, updated 28 Nov, 2023

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