Cloud Phone System Buyers Guide

Cloud Phone System Buyers Guide


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With remote working now firmly planted as a part of our new working future – there is no better time to consider moving your phone system to the cloud.

A cloud phone system is a virtual phone system that utilises the internet to make calls, send messages and faxes, and conduct video conferences from any laptop, desktop computer, or smart device – it works anywhere – at home, the office or on the road.

A cloud phone system uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to let you create a streamlined and affordable communications system for your company—including high-quality voice, conferencing, online meetings, internet fax, voicemail, Auto-Receptionist, and more.

What are the benefits?

Gives your staff mobility and flexibility

When your team needs to work from home, or on the go, you don’t want them to be restricted to a physical office environment to answer important calls – forwarding desk phones to mobile phones might be ok for a short-term fix, but over the long term it will cost your organisation a fortune in call costs.  With a cloud phone system, employees can be reached on their office number from anywhere. With a cloud system you can free your team to take and make calls—and even join or host online meetings—wherever they are, using any device.

Works the way your business works

A cloud phone system puts you in full control of how your business communicates. In addition to all the features you get with a PBX system, a cloud phone system offers internet fax, voicemail-to-email conversions, and other advanced cloud features.

Saves your company money

A cloud phone system uses the internet (rather than landlines) to reduce the overall cost of your communications by up to 60 percent.* Plus there’s no expensive hardware to maintain, and you receive free automatic upgrades to the system.

Simplifies your business communications

Combine all of your calls, voicemails, video conferences, online meetings, faxes, and team collaboration onto a single, easy-to-use platform. Your cloud phone system can also easily integrate with hundreds of existing business applications including Salesforce, Microsoft, Google and more.

Scales with your growing business

Add numbers as you need them. Reassign numbers easily from a user-friendly online portal. A cloud phone system easily scales to support your growing business whether you have one office or a dozen locations.

How do you know if it’s time to move to a cloud phone system?

  • You want to empower your employees to communicate from anywhere, using any device
  • When you don’t want to pay for any hardware or excessive mobile phone costs, and when you want a flexible plan that’s right for your business
  • You’d rather your phone system not require any maintenance work on your part in the first place
  • You would prefer your phone system be easy enough to manage that you can make your own changes, anytime, through the cloud.

To find out more about transitioning to a cloud phone system download our Cloud Phone Systems Guide to see how easy it is and why it makes sense to make the change right now.

*Visit for more details.

Originally published 30 Apr, 2020

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