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App Certification Program
About the RingCentral App Certification Program
About the RingCentral App Certification Program
RingCentral briefly reviews all apps prior to publishing them in our App Gallery. Apps with a “Certified” badge have undergone additional review to assess quality and usability.

What is the RingCentral App Certification program?

The RingCentral App Certification program is an optional process developers can undertake to ensure their apps meet a higher quality and usability standard set by RingCentral. Apps that successfully achieve certification display a badge on their profile and throughout our app gallery ecosystem to convey to visitors an added layer of trust and quality. Developers are also given permission to display a badge/banner on their own website to celebrate their achievement of certification.

What does RingCentral assess when it reviews apps for certification?

The primary goal of app certification is to ensure that users of a certified app will have a quality experience from start to finish. Through the app certification process, the following will be assessed:

  • App Gallery profile content. RingCentral carefully scrutinizes the app’s profile content. We require high-quality screenshots, videos, and thorough and well-written content and documentation to help users evaluate and use the app/integration.
  • User experience. RingCentral assesses the app directly to ensure that users can successfully install and perform the tasks the profile claims, that its design is professional, and that it is adequately documented.
  • Support experience. RingCentral engages the software vendor’s support process to ensure that issues are responded to promptly, and that support teams are knowledgeable of the app.

In addition, software vendors are required to complete a questionnaire that covers a variety of technical and operational topics. Through this questionnaire, RingCentral ensures that the software vendor has adequate processes and controls in place to successfully maintain and support their app throughout the software development lifecycle.

Do certified apps come with an additional warranty or guarantee?

Apps that achieve certification come with no additional warranty of any kind and are provided by the developer under their own terms of service. RingCentral does not make any guarantees and is not liable or responsible for the performance or operability of any app, whether it is certified or not, in its app gallery ecosystem. You should always review and understand the terms of service and privacy notice for any third-party provided app/integration.

I am a RingCentral developer. How do I join the app certification program?

Developers wishing to obtain certification can consult our Developer Guide to get started.