Features with your security in mind

The features you need to integrate and leverage secure communications across all your platforms.

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Security designed for your needs

Identity and access icon

Identity and access

Secure user access with SAML and OAuth.
Data protection icon

Data protection

Encrypted in transit and at rest, we don’t access your content.
Security features

Security features

Security settings so you can configure for your needs.
Data control

Data control

Take control of your content. Download and delete on your terms.


Your authentication, your choice

You control how your users access our solutions with SAML, OAuth, and password-based methods. Individually enable or disable the method of access for each account. It’s your choice.

Zero Trust with Okta

Add RingCentral to your Zero Trust environment with Single Sign-on from Okta.

Google Workspace login

Allow your users to seamlessly work across RingCentral and Google Workspace platforms.

Activity Directory integration

Enable your users to sign in automatically to RingCentral with their Azure AD accounts.

Assign roles and permissions

Control user roles and permissions without giving full administrator access.


Making your collaboration secure

Manage external communications

Use the RingCentral app’s Domain Allow/Block list feature to control external communications.

Secure your video meetings

Lock a meeting, control who can join, disable recording, require a password, enforce a waiting room, and allow only authenticated users.

Enable E2EE video

MLS-based end-to-end encryption (E2EE) means no one can eavesdrop on your meetings.

Control your content

Download and delete from RingCentral your video recordings, transcripts, call logs, recordings, and more so you can manage and control them.

Managing calls

Enable or disable Automatic Call Recording to ensure you are compliant with local laws and regulations.

Control authorized applications

The Authorized Apps Manager allows users to track what RingCentral apps and integrations are connected to their accounts, including integration apps such as Microsoft 365, Google, and Salesforce.


Your data is safe with us

Protect your data in transit and at rest with industry-standard encryption algorithms and key sizes.

Data access

Your messages, meetings, and voicemails are important to you. That’s why we don’t access them (or if we do, it is on your instruction as part of troubleshooting an issue).

Encryption in transit

Proven open security protocols including Message Layer Security (MLS) for end-to-end encryption, Transport Layer Security (TLS), and Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP) ensure your data is protected in transit.

Encryption at rest

Encryption with AES-256 for protection of data at rest helps ensure that your data cannot be read or recovered by unauthorized individuals.

Employee accessing his messages, meetings, and other data from his mobile phone
Team manager letting members know thru chat that she archived last year's conversation history


Your data, your choice

It's your data. You should control it, right? We think so too.

Video content

Store your recordings and chat text in the RingCentral cloud or download to your desktop.

Configure Message Settings

Use the RingCentral Retention Management API to set your message retention to less than 90 days (for SMS, MMS, voicemail, fax, and pagers).

Archiving and backups

Use RingCentral Archiver to backup your content to your preferred destination including Dropbox, SFTP, Google Drive, and Box.

Masked numbers

Meet country-specific compliance by hiding certain information from administrators.

Monitor activities

Use RingCentral Audit Trail to report and monitor privileged user and administrator activities in the system.

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