Bring cloud communications to your mobile network with RingCentral Cloud IMS

Service Providers

All the benefits of industry-leading cloud communications with a native dialer experience

RingCentral Cloud IMS transforms mobile devices into cloud PBX systems. Users get the best of both worlds—a native mobile experience that’s seamlessly connected to their cloud communications system. More importantly, carriers get the opportunity to differentiate in a high growth market, without the hassle and expense of complex hosted systems.

A new architecture for rapid innovation

Integrating IMS with the cloud unlocks possibilities for carriers to greatly simplify deployment and accelerate innovation. RingCentral’s cloud products are pre-integrated with Ericsson VoLTE for Unified Communications, providing telco operators with a future-ready solution that’s faster and easier to bring to market. 

The best of mobile and cloud

Carrier-grade voice quality meets innovative cloud communications on mobile. Win market share over telcos and OTT providers by offering the best of both worlds. Your customers will benefit from rich cloud communications without sacrificing the simplicity, coverage, and guaranteed quality of VoLTE. The cloud enables instant activation, powerful call handling, 100’s of integrations, and modern collaboration.

A high growth market

The use of on-premise PBXs continue to decline. At the same time, cloud adoption has risen dramatically as companies seek digital transformation, mobility, and integrations. Today, providers who can deliver superior cloud products can capture significant market share.
RingCentral Cloud IMS enables:
  • Faster implementation for carriers
  • Instant activation for customers
  • Extended global reach with cloud PBX services in 42 countries
  • Four feature releases per year, delivered direct to customers
  • Simplified bundling and billing
Unparalleled value for carriers and end-users


Faster pace of

Rapid deployment

Global reach



Differentiated products

Short quote-to-cash

Expanded market

Bundling opportunities


Modern features that
I want to use

Instant activation

Any device, anywhere

Works with the tools
I use everyday

“Our partnership with RingCentral provides an opportunity for operators to monetise their IMS investments and extend their VoLTE services—helping them become a one-stop shop for enterprises’ complete connectivity needs.”

Monica Zethzon

VP, Head of Solution Area Communication Services, Ericsson

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