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Caller ID Services

View incoming caller information, and select a business phone number to display when you call others.

Benefits of Caller ID

  • Instantly identify incoming callers on your mobile phone, desk phone, or RingCentral for Desktop app.
  • View the name of the individual or company when a caller ID number matches a contact in your account.
  • Easily respond to missed calls with just one tap or click. From your mobile app or RingCentral for Desktop, simply tap or click on the contact’s name to return the call—there’s no need to look up their contact information or manually dial to reach them.
  • Use caller ID information to create answering rules, so you can instantly recognise and manage important clients when they call.
  • When you’re using a CRM system that is integrated with RingCentral, the client record will be displayed based on caller ID information.
  • Choose from your personal business number extension or from company phone numbers as your outbound caller ID.
  • Get better caller ID control by managing outbound caller information for your company number, individual extensions, and entire departments.
  • With RingCentral’s RingOut feature, you can even make calls from phones outside your business—such as hotel phones—and still show your business caller ID information.
  • Show Freephone numbers and IVN numbers as your outbound caller ID.

Caller ID FAQs

  • Caller ID is available to all RingEX customers and works on desk phones, smartphones, and RingCentral for Desktop. There’s no additional caller ID software or program to install.
  • Yes, but only for internal calls. In your RingCentral account settings, you can choose to display your business’ main phone number or choose to display your extension number.
  • Yes. Teams, departments, and groups can display different outbound caller IDs.
  • It’s easy. You or your account administrator can quickly change your caller ID online, under Settings. This change will reflect in your caller ID settings from any device, including your online caller ID in RingCentral for Desktop.
  • Inbound callers outside of RingCentral may have chosen to keep their caller ID information private or blocked. However, all callers within the RingCentral network will display their caller IDs.
  • Route specific callers to a certain destination by setting up answering rules under Call Handling & Forwarding settings in your online account. Simply set an answering rule for a specific online caller ID that forwards the caller to a specific extension, sends them to voicemail, and more.
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