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Top Quality Call Routing With RingEX

RingCentral’s call routing service lets you effectively and efficiently handle all business calls, so that each one gets to the right person, whenever and wherever they are.

Never Miss an Important Call Again With 

The Very Best Business Call Routing

Never Miss an Important Call Again With The Very Best Business Call Routing

Talking things through with clients, customers and suppliers is key to the success of most businesses. That’s why managers, decision makers and staff need to be available on the phone as much as possible. Just because your business hours are over, doesn’t mean that vital call won’t come.

Call routing from RingCentral makes it simple and inexpensive to ensure that the right calls reach the right people at the right time. By setting your own call answering rules, you can customise RingCentral to meet your needs. All without the hassle or expense of introducing a call answering service or taking on new staff.

How RingCentral Call Handling and Forwarding Works

RingEX features a call routing system which allows you to set your own rules of phone call routing. Any telephone answering rule you do set will then be automatically implemented by the system. For instance, incoming calls might be routed according to any of the following criteria:

  • The time of the day. This allows you to funnel calls to numbers or locations where you know there will be someone to answer them.
  • The caller’s number. This kind of phone number routing ensures that important contacts always reach the CEO, suppliers always reach your buying department and other callers are similar matched to the right people.
  • The number dialled. Custom call routing can also help you keep clients of your different brands separate. 

Customising Your Telephone Call Routing

One of the key benefits of RingCentral call routing is the level of customisation available. You can create and manage answering service rules at your convenience from any computer or device with an internet connection. You can:

  • Establish rules that direct incoming phone calls to specific extensions, send them through to voicemail, or forward them to any telephone number at any location.
  • Customise days and hours of operation with specific call routing rules and greetings. You can even set specific business hours for each employee and department and update them as needed. For instance, you can swiftly change someone’s answering rules when they’re off sick.
  • Apply different rules to different numbers if your company has more than one RingCentral number. This is invaluable to firms with connected but separate brands. It’s also really handy for tracking the success of individual marketing campaigns. 

The Key Benefits of The RingCentral

Call Routing Service

The Key Benefits of The RingCentral Call Routing Service

Business call routing is a necessity for any modern business. It is the only way to ensure that callers trying to reach your firm won’t ever be left disappointed. With RingCentral call handling and forwarding, every caller will be able to get hold of exactly who they need to speak to, at any time.

The free call routing service included with RingEX delivers all the benefits of a usually expensive call answering service. By setting up any custom call rules you desire, you can ensure that the call routing system is working perfectly for you. 

Business decisions are made easier because you know that decision makers are always in touch with who they need to speak to. Customer satisfaction is boosted because those who call never have to go all round the houses to find someone who can help.

The phone call routing feature shows how RingEX has been designed and developed with real businesses in mind. The state of the art cloud-based solution delivers the services and elements that you really need for day-to-day operation.

“In RingCentral, we have a platform in which we have absolute confidence plus a shared ethos that believes that almost everything is possible!”
— Paul Strinati, Founding Partner & IT Director, 
Optimum Credit

Call Routing FAQs

  • Yes, rules can be set up according to either numbers dialled or the caller’s number. For instance, you can set one rule to only allow certain contacts to reach you at your RingCentral number during holiday, off-hours, or certain times of the day.
  • Yes; incoming call routing options can be tailored to different times of the day and week. For instance, you can have calls forwarded to a different number at night or at the weekend than during a working day.
  • No. If you wish, you can set rules for certain calls to be routed to a ‘ring group’. Incoming calls to the ring group extension will ring all the phones in the group at the same time, so that anyone who is available can answer the call from the nearest phone in the ring group.
  • As well as call routing, Ring Central Office has a Call Flip feature. It lets you transparently “flip” a live call to another desk phone, smartphone, or softphone—without placing the caller on hold. Simply press the asterisk (“star”) key and the digit that corresponds with the phone you want to flip the call to (or click the RingCentral icon for Call Flip in the mobile or desktop app). You can allocate up to 9 different phone numbers in your online account to use with Call Flip.

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