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Join 300,000 businesses just like yours who use RingCentral Call Flip to quickly transfer business calls from one device to another in just a click.

Finally, An Easy Way to Manage Your Business Calls!

We’ve all been on phone calls when the person on the other end of the line says, “Let me call you back” because they have to leave the office and ends the call. Or there was that time when your phone battery was dying at the end of a long business call and you wished you had your charger forcing you to hang up early. While situations like these do arise, they are far from ideal.

RingCentral’s call transfer service solves these problems. With Call Flip, you can easily transfer calls from one phone to another device. At no time will you be forced to drop off important business calls with customers or colleagues.

How Our Call Transfer Service Works

Call Flip works across all your devices. Using smart keys you can easily transfer an ongoing call between your desk phone, mobile phone, and a softphone with just a click. This service could also be used to transfer a call to a business colleague just like a regular phone transfer.

To use the feature during a phone call, press the asterisk key (*) followed by the number assigned to the device the call is to be transferred to. For example, if the number 5 is assigned to your home phone, pressing *5 while you are on a call using your smartphone will instantly transfer the call to your home phone.

3 Ways Call Flip Can Help Your Business Today

3 Ways Call Flip Can Help 

Your Business Today

Call Flip is used by 300,000 businesses owners and managers just like you. The three primary reasons existing customers we asked use Call Flip are:

  • Call Flip makes their company look more professional in the eyes of customers, leads, and business partners.
  • Call Flip allows them to easily transfer calls between different devices, which is handy when they are commuting or on their way out of the office.
  • The call transfer service improves the efficiency of company employees ensuring they never have to miss a call.

RingCentral Call Flip, in Brief

Call Flip is ideally suited to a world in which business is more mobile than ever and owners and agents are just as likely to be working outside the office as inside at a desk. The service is part of a feature-rich cloud PBX solution that enables employees to configure their own usage rules and routing sequences.

When you access RingCentral today you get more than just the Call Flip service. RingCentral is a leading provider of state of the art cloud communications that help businesses communicate, collaborate and connect the way they want on any device, anywhere, anytime.

“In RingCentral, we have a platform in which we have absolute confidence plus a shared ethos that believes that almost everything is possible!”
— Paul Strinati, Founding Partner & IT Director, 
Optimum Credit

Call Flip FAQs

  • Use Call Flip with any touch-tone telephone that accepts incoming calls to your RingCentral number, any touch-tone device that works with RingOut®, or any device connected to a digital line.
  • Calls flip instantly. Simply pick up the phone that’s receiving the call when it rings, and hang up the phone that’s transferring the call.
  • You can set up as many devices as you want on your quick dial list allowing you to almost instantaneously transfer device.
  • Yes, in addition to being able to transfer calls you've added to your quick-dial list, you can manually enter a phone number not on the private list and flip your call to that number.

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