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The Chichester area code utilizes 4 digits as their area code. Chichester is just one of the many cities in the United Kingdom that employs this type of area code. The 4-digit area code was born out of the need for new phone numbers. The original Chichester area code was 0243. This was the number that was to be used when calling to Chichester local numbers. When its supply was nearly exhausted, the Office of Communications proposed a new solution to the number shortage problem.


The solution that they have come up with was the inclusion of the number 1 unto the current area code. This was done to prevent confusion among callers, since the area code is still going to contain the same numbers. The only difference now is that the number 1 will be included. This change in the Chichester area code was implemented during PhONEday that happened in 1995.


After 1995, the 1243 area code will be the new Chichester area code. It will be used alongside Chichester local numbers. Callers must also keep in mind that the 1243 area code and its corresponding Chichester local numbers are not the only figures that need to be dialed. The trunk prefix “0” must also be included or their call will not get through.


The 1243 area code or the new Chichester area code had negative effects upon the communication system of businesses based in Chichester. The number of incoming calls was decreasing and so did the possibility of recruiting new clients. This can be attributed to the tedious task of dialing 10 digits when calling.

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