RingCentral Advanced SupportTM Services

Service Attachment
This RingCentral Service Attachment for RingCentral Advanced SupportTM Services (the “Advanced Support Service Attachment”) is subject to the RingCentral Professional Services Agreement Attachment, appended to the Master Services Agreement.
Term: The term of this Advanced Support Service Attachment shall run conterminously with the Term that is set forth in the RingCentral Order Form between the parties hereto. RingCentral shall perform the Services set forth in the Professional Services Agreement and this accompanying Advanced Support Service Attachment starting on the Start Date specified in the Order Form executed between the Parties and continuing until the termination of this Advanced Support Service Attachment, the underlying Professional Services Agreement or any underlying Master Services Agreement.
1.       General Terms
RingCentral Advanced SupportTM will be provided as a 24x7 global service.  Technical Account Manager (TAM) support is provided during normal business hours specific to the region and subject to local holidays defined in Section 2.  TAM hours may be extended beyond normal business hours with regional TAM option.  If Customer wishes for Services to be performed outside of these hours, RingCentral shall consider such requests in good faith and may charge Customer additional fees for such Services in its reasonable discretion.
2.        “Holidays,” During regional holidays, premium support services will be available.  Extended services under this Advanced Support Service Attachment (TAM Services, PS NOW) shall be performed on the next available business day. 
3.       Designated Technical Account Manager (TAM)
3.1.     Timing and Assignment of TAM. Promptly after the Advanced Support Start Date, RingCentral shall designate the number of TAM’s defined in the Order Form.   Customer will provide RingCentral with the contact details in writing of the Designated Customer Contacts.  Customer shall assign at least one (1) and up to three (3) individuals who will act as a Dedicated Customer Contact to RingCentral and shall provide RingCentral with those individuals’ contact details in writing.      
3.2.    TAM Discovery. The TAM will perform the following tasks when it begins performing the Services:
            a.             Understand Customer’s network architecture to the extent relevant to the RingEX Services.
            b.            Understand Customer’s device and endpoints to the extent relevant to RingCentral services.
            c.             Understand and discuss the Customer’s account and any outstanding issues, as well as the preferred method of contact for ongoing dialogue
            d.            Understand the technical training needs the Customer’s Help Desk may need for supporting RingCentral services and develop associated training plans and timelines.
3.3.    Case Monitoring and Overall Support
            a.             The TAM will monitor historical Support Cases on an on-going basis to determine patterns, issues, and opportunities with Customer’s RingCentral services.
            b.            The TAM will review these observations and opportunities with Customer and will work with Customer on any needed remediation plans.
            c.             The TAM will work closely with the Dedicated Customer Contacts to understand any relevant changes to the Customer’s environment that RingCentral Advanced Support needs to track and document
            d.            The RingCentral TAM will participate in quarterly QBRs scheduled by Customer’s RingCentral Customer Success Manager (as requested by the Customer). The TAM will jointly work with Customer in advance of each QBR to align on reasonable data, activities and information that will be presented and discussed.
            e.             RingCentral will provide Customer with an executive escalation path that includes senior leadership personnel in the event the TAM or RingCentral is not reasonably responsive to a support case or issue, or is unable to solve such issue.
  • RingCentral may update the contacts in the executive escalation path in its reasonable discretion and will provide Customer with reasonable prior written notice of such changes.
  • For clarity, Dedicated Customer Contact(s) shall be the only individual(s) who can engage with or use the above-defined escalation path.
4.       Customer Responsibilities
4.1.     Customer Support Cases and Escalation Management
            a.             Dedicated Customer Contacts will open a case by calling the above referenced contact numbers or by opening a web case through RingCentral’s support web site at https://support.ringcentral.com/
            b.            In all cases, Dedicated Customer Contacts will provide reasonable detail when opening any Support Case to enable RingCentral to understand the nature and extent of Customer’s issue with the RingCentral Services.  Customer will reasonably cooperate with RingCentral as needed
            c.             Customer will understand that at times, effective troubleshooting and root-cause identification may require Customer to work jointly with RingCentral Support. 
            d.            Customer agrees to reasonably assist with their technical resources in these situations.
4.2.    PS Now Requests:
            a.             Customer will provide all requests to RingCentral in writing, including detail on the services required, and requested date for the change to go live
            b.            Customer will submit requests in a timely manner with sufficient lead time to complete the expected work in a reasonable timeframe
            c.             Customer understands that requests submitted without sufficient detail will require additional meetings and follow-up to clarify requests for accuracy in delivery of expected results.
5.       Definitions. Unless otherwise defined in the Master Service Agreement or this Service Attachment for RingCentral Advanced SupportTM, the following terms shall be defined in accordance with the below definitions.
            a.             “Dedicated Customer Contact(s)” means specific Customer employee(s) that are identified, documented in RingCentral’s system and approved to contact RingCentral’s direct enterprise team.
            b.            “Direct Advanced Support Access” RingCentral Advanced Support Team can be reached in North America by calling 800-591-4068.
            c.             “Designated Technical Account Manager” (TAM) is the remote RingCentral named resource assigned to customer’s account.    North America TAM availability is generally 6:00am MST to 7:00pm MST Monday through Friday.
            d.            “Advanced Support Entitlements” are the service attributes, by tier that are included with this support model, as highlighted in Appendices A and B.
            e.             “PS NOW” provides available monthly consulting from RingCentral Professional Services Experts at the thresholds defined in Appendices A and B.  Available PS NOW services are as follows:
  • Move, Add, Change, Delete (MACD):  Basic administration, configuration and deletion changes related to RingEX users in the RingCentral Portal:
    • Telephony users;
    • Basic agent administration;
    • Users;
    • Skills;
    • Teams;
    • Campaigns;
    • Points of Contact (POC);
    • List fields;
    • Hours of Operations;
    • Report changes and scheduling:
      • - Custom report creation is case-by-case basis; and
      • - Custom report creation requires additional scoping for level of effort assignment
  • Network Consultation
  • Porting Consultation
  • Remote Administration / Help Desk Training
  • Call Flow Changes: 
    • Management of existing call flows;
    • Creation of new basic call flows (e.g. new routing for new skills, simple queueing);
    • Adjustment of existing channel integration(s):
      • - Existing email, chat, or SMS channel scripting
  • Business Unit Changes:
    • Security profile(s);
    • Station profile(s);
    • User profile(s);
    • Disposition and unavailable code(s)
  • Basic script changes for RC CC or RCX/EngageVoice:
    • Assignment of POC to scripts / skills;
    • Changes to routing by Customer need;
    • Changes to voice prompts;
    • Changes to existing ASR menus;
    • Updating simple existing personal connection dialer campaigns;
    • Changes or additions to existing API integrations to customer’s CRM or Database
  • Post go-live tuning on call flows and IVR scripting
  • RingEX and RC CC or RCX/EngageVoice Health Checks
  • Exclusions include the following:
    • New CRM or database integrations;
    • New routing configurations (i.e. Data directed routing, Agent directed routing);
    • New ASR set-up and configuration;
    • New personal dialer configuration;
    • Personal connection Dialer campaigns;
    • Proactive XS integration;
    • New channel configuration (i.e. Email, Chat, SMS, social media);
    • WFO configuration / changes:
      • - Workforce Management
      • - Quality Management
      • - Screen Recording
      •  - Analytics
    • New survey configuration;
    • Out of hours changes and go-live support;
    • Recording new announcements;
    • Onsite services, unless requested.  If requested, additional fees will be incorporated through Change Order process;
    • Re-provisioning of firmware on devices, unless requested via Change Order;
    • Services on future feature requests, unless requested via Change Order
Appendix A
Advanced Support Entitlements – RingEX
 Appendix B
Advanced Support Entitlements – RC CC or RCX/EngageVoice