RingCentral RingEX™

Platform Architecture
and Operations

The RingCentral platform is more than a phone system. It delivers a reliable, open, scalable and secure platform for ubiquitous business voice, fax, and text communication without on-premise PBX hardware.


The RingCentral platform supports hundreds of thousands of users. It’s designed to handle 2x capacity, and is currently managing over ten billion minutes of voice traffic per year . The modular pod design offers remarkable flexibility and enables us to seamlessly integrate additional pods as our subscriber base continues to grow.

Unlimited numbers of new user groups can be added at any time, without the need to take the entire system offline to rebuild databases and add new servers. There are thousands of network application triggers that alert us when a reallocation of resources is required, and the entire system is constantly monitored for any bottlenecks or other blockages.

In addition, the pod architecture incorporates a virtual chassis deploying a direct-path algorithm that enables multiple individual physical switches to act as one via a high-speed link—they can couple or uncouple depending on system demands. The result is optimal traffic flow, superior flexibility, and instantaneous scalability.

Regardless of system load, the RingCentral platform is robust enough to handle unforeseen spikes in activity. And that capacity is always fully available as we also operate a full-scale laboratory environment offline to thoroughly test any network changes before we roll them out—expansion efforts never affect our customers’ phone service.


Once deployed, RingCentral’s solutions become an integral part of the business infrastructure. Therefore, security on every level is of paramount importance.


Our firewall-protected website uses secure socket layer (SSL) certificates to secure online transactions and session privacy at the end-user level. Customer data privacy management is certified TRUSTe compliant.

Physical security

RingCentral’s world-class data centers and servers are continually monitored 24/7 and staffed by highly trained, on-site engineering specialists as well as by security guards. Electronic prevention includes CCTV with recorders, motion detection, and fiber vaults. Entry into each data center location requires biometric identification as well as dual-person authentication, and is protected by a built-in system of “man traps”. Security and safety systems are audited monthly for maximum insurance.

In general, all RingCentral features and functions are as secure as using a traditional landline telephone. See your RingCentral representative for details.

RingCentral Quality Assurance™

Quality of service (QoS) is very important to our customers, and to us. That’s why we developed
RingCentral Quality Assurance™ (RQA), one of the most proactive QoS initiatives in the industry.

  • Network Address
    Translation (NAT)
  • Bandwidth
  • Monitoring
  • Firewall
  • DHCP
  • DNS
  • Last mile integration
  • Wireless operation
  • Line testing

RQA offers significant benefits to RingCentral customers on a variety of levels—there’s no need to employ third party vendors in order to have consistently great service and uptime.

At the core of RQA is proactive identification, a proven methodology that uses state-of-the-art software and tools to proactively identify customers who are experiencing quality issues as defined by industry standard metrics. Every network call is scored using various industry standards including MOS, R-factor, jitter, packet loss and call failure. Scoring is combined with a trend analysis that maps call quality on a weekly basis.

Technology is only part of the equation. Our RQA analysts proactively contact customers to conduct remote site surveys. These comprehensive evaluations include analysis of the ISP, hardware specifications, and network layout in order to understand patterns and Internet usage. The RQA analysts then create a report based on their findings that includes a predefined network layout, based on best practices, and any hardware (e.g. router) recommendations. Analysts are also certified to place diagnostic tools on the customer’s premises in order to get very detailed network traffic pattern and usage metrics end-to-end.

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