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Local Phone Numbers

Establish your local presence with our available area codes.

RingCentral Local Numbers

While everyone in business understands the value of getting closer to customers, RingCentral actually helps you achieve it—even if physically you’re thousands of miles away. RingCentral lets you choose from more than 200 available area codes to establish a virtual local presence. Your customers can then reach you by dialing a local call.

Benefits of local phone numbers

  • Select local telephone numbers in any location and establish yourself as a local business.
  • Route calls to your toll-free numbers and phones anywhere, worldwide, using robust answering rules.
  • Display your RingCentral local number as your outbound Caller ID from any device, including your home, business, or mobile phone.
  • Add direct dial numbers, employees, departments, remote offices, and even dedicated fax numbers as desired.
  • One number encompasses all communication channels, including voice, text, and fax.
  • Simplify your website and business cards by listing the one, all-purpose number.
  • Never miss a call, text, or fax; customers will never hear a busy signal, even if you’re on the phone or receiving a fax transmission.

Local phone number FAQs

  • During the signup process, RingCentral will ask whether you want a local or a toll-free number.
  • As soon as signup is complete, you can begin using your new number.
  • Every RingEX customer can order additional numbers for multiple locations, all of which will be synchronized with your account.
  • Local customers receive the convenience of reaching you with a local call.
  • A local number creates a sense of being local to potential customers. For example, a realtor in the suburbs of Chicago with an 847 area code may want to advertise a phone number closer to central Chicago, within the 312 area code. Any phone calls to the 312 area code number can be forwarded to the realtor’s cell phone, home phone, etc.
  • Yes. You can order as many numbers with as many local area codes as you like.
  • Your plan includes one main, company-level phone and fax number, which can be either toll-free or local. Each additional local number is $4.99 a month and includes the same RingCentral features as your main number.
  • When you receive a voicemail, RingCentral can alert you via a text message on your cell phone.
  • You can dial into your account and listen to your voicemail at any time.
  • After you listen to your message, your Auto-Receptionist will ask you if you want to reply; if you do, simply press a number on your phone to automatically connect to the caller.
  • You can also reply to callers from your computer.
  • All calls and faxes are logged in your online account, and all phone numbers in your account are active links.
  • Clicking on a link will activate RingOut® click-to-call dialing.
  • RingOut® seamlessly connects you via the network phone you’re currently using with VoIP service.
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