Automatic call recording

Admins can easily enable automatic recordings for inbound and outbound phone calls.

Benefits of automatically recording phone calls:

  • Enable automatic recordings for one or multiple users with just a few clicks.
  • Set up automatic recording of calls for inbound calls to departments.
  • Quickly select incoming and/or outgoing calls to record.
  • Save as many as 100,000 recordings per account.
  • Access recordings for download and playback for up to 90 days.
  • Download individual or multiple recordings for review and playback.
  • Use default or custom announcements for inbound and outbound calls.
  • To ensure recordings are lawful and that callers have given their consent, an announcement will be played before automatic recording begins.
  • Emails are automatically sent to all parties enabled for automatic recordings.
  • Once enabled, users can choose which specific incoming or outgoing calls to record.
  • Record conversations from any device, at any time.

Automatic call recording FAQs:

  • Once activated for an extension by an admin, automatic call recording will record all of that extension’s incoming and outgoing calls. Recordings can be enabled for individual or multiple users and can be downloaded or played back any time.
  • Recordings can be enabled for inbound calls to departments.
  • Automatic call recording is available to RingCentral MVP (Premium or Ultimate) users. Please call sales at 866-246-3424 for pricing and details.
  • Recorded phone conversations are automatically saved in call logs for up to 90 days, with up to 100,000 recordings per account. You can download the recordings for your own records or for playback in the future.
  • Simply press *9 to begin recording, then press *9 again whenever you want to stop recording. It’s one of the easiest on-demand call recording solutions you can use.

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