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Canadian Technology Company Consolidates Seven Different Communication Solutions into One with RingCentral

Needed a phone solution that would work easily on day one, scale easily later.
Cloud-based RingCentral enabled easy office expansion and frictionless growth.
Continuing to benefit from RingCentral’s ease of use and cost-effectiveness.
Company profile
Company profile:
This Canadian technology company provides a cloud-based customer intelligence platform that helps businesses improve customer engagement and loyalty via real-time feedback and actionable insights. Founded in 2000, the company has grown into a global, award-winning organization, delivering unique customer insights to many of the world’s most successful companies, including Yahoo!, LinkedIn, ESPN, Adobe, and hundreds of others.
Year founded:
600 employees
Vancouver, BC, Canada

In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, smart companies know that success depends on developing real connections with their customers and a deep understanding of what motivates them. Meeting that need was the impetus behind the launch of this Canadian technology company, which debuted in 2000 with its cloud-based customer intelligence platform to give businesses real-time, actionable insights about how to better serve their customers.

Since then, the company has become a global success, counting industry leaders such as LinkedIn, Yahoo!, and ESPN among its clients, and consistently winning awards for excellence, innovation, and being a top place to work.

The goal: replace a global, fragmented communication environment with a modern unified cloud solution

t was the company’s impressive worldwide growth that led its IT team to begin looking for a way to consolidate the organization’s increasingly cumbersome and fragmented communication solutions.

“My team and I started with a bold objective: consolidate our global organization’s many different communication systems into a single global platform,” says the company’s Vice President of IT. “We wanted one provider and one integrated solution for voice, video conferencing, and instant messaging—and that’s not easy when you have 11 locations around the world.”

“If there was a single catalyst,” the company’s VP of IT continues, “it was that our Vancouver headquarters was running on an old phone system we knew could die at any moment. That would’ve been catastrophic, but there were other reasons to replace our existing system with a single solution.”

“Each of our locations throughout Canada, the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia ran its own on-prem legacy phone system, and they were all different. Also, we were using different video conferencing systems around the company, which meant the first few minutes of every conference was wasted connecting the offices and getting the meeting started. Our teams also rely heavily on instant messaging, and we were running several chat apps.”

“In all, we were using seven vendors for phone systems, video conferencing, and instant messaging solutions across the company. That caused staff productivity to suffer because not everyone was using every tool, and our employees often had difficulty figuring out the best way to reach a given coworker. From an IT and operational standpoint, this fragmented environment was also too costly and difficult to manage effectively. So we investigated all sorts of alternatives, and the unified communications platform from RingCentral impressed us the most.”

The solution: integrating all communications into one platform with the RingCentral app

By deploying RingCentral’s unified solution, the company immediately had access to a complete set of communications and collaboration capabilities on a single, seamless platform, including:

  • Cloud-based phone service
  • Web and video meetings
  • Video-equipped conference rooms that enable instant connections to customers, partners, and other locations around the world
  • Team messaging and collaboration

“Today everyone is on RingCentral,” says the VP of IT, “and 100% of our company is using all the capabilities of the RingCentral Office solution.”

The benefits: significant improvements in productivity

The organization has experienced significant improvements in both operational efficiency and staff productivity since deploying RingCentral. In particular, RingCentral’s open platform has allowed the company to integrate other mission-critical business apps with RingCentral.

“Before RingCentral, we had difficulty making sure the right people received important IT notifications and alerts right away, because we had to monitor several different places for those alerts,” says the firm’s Systems Administrator. “But the integration capability of RingCentral Glip made it so much easier. We were able to easily integrate RingCentral Glip with PagerDuty, for example, which sends us status updates on our systems and devices. So we now pull those PagerDuty alerts into the relevant Glip conversations, so just the right people see them in real time. Also, we’re pulling alerts into Glip from our own automation tools. In other words, we now have just one place to track the status of our systems—Glip—instead of 10 places.”

“The combination of RingCentral Meetings and RingCentral Rooms has saved us countless time and frustration setting up video conferences

between offices,” explains the VP of IT. “Now we can just walk into a room in Vancouver, and our colleagues in our US and Europe locations are in their rooms and ready to start. It’s seamless.”

“As for the IT benefits,” says the Systems Administrator, “now we don’t have the headaches or costs of managing on-prem phone systems. We also don’t need to worry about redundancy and business continuity anymore, because that’s all handled in the background by RingCentral.”

“Now that our communication systems are all integrated into a seamless platform,” says the VP of IT, “it’s become easier for our staff to collaborate and keep connected, which is particularly valuable for our teams in offices on different continents.”

“Because we have locations in so many time zones, we’re obviously not always all in the office at the same time,” says the Systems Administrator. “But with Glip, now if my ops colleague in Australia is having trouble, he can just Glip me all the important details in real time, and I can figure out how to help or who else to involve. It really helps me and my team stay connected, even if we’re across the world.”

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