Spotlight on
the supervisor

How to better manage teams of remote contact center agents.

Chapter 01 Managing remotely: Transitioning from a physical to virtual contact center

Chapter 02

Can you build a meaningful culture in a virtual contact center?

Chapter 03

Collaboration and (over) communication at your remote call center

Chapter 04

The changing role of the supervisor
The pandemic may ultimately have had little effect on agents, but it has completely upended the workplace for their supervisors.
Chapter 05 What is the key to your digital expansion?

Chapter 06

The perfect storm: How to adapt your CX to meet the moment
The company’s new cloud platform was simple enough to work with — she had little trouble answering customer calls or solving queries in a live chat as management had given her a laptop and a headset and nothing else was needed to perform her work technically — but how could she get some extra help if she needed it?

Chapter 07

Analytics and agents: Empowering employees in distributed teams
Without a lot of their old in-person analytical sources, supervisors and managers had to rethink how to monitor and manage their teams.
Chapter 08 How can customers benefit from your remote contact center?