Running a remote-friendly legal practice

Tips on client experience, running an online-friendly practice, and more in a WFH world

A woman looking at her mobile device for tips about remote friendly legal practices.

Chapter 01 How Dana Denis-Smith harnessed technology to build an unconventional multimillion-dollar firm

Chapter 02

What Kind of Tech Do Legal Firms Need to Work from Home (or on the Road)?

Chapter 03

How to Build a Team for Your Legal Firm

Chapter 04

Building a Marketing Strategy for Your Law Firm

Chapter 05

How Law Firms Are Retaining Clients—and Slashing Marketing Costs

Chapter 06

3 Challenges for New Legal Firms and How to Overcome Them

Since the beginning, Denis-Smith has maintained that her goal is to “make work 'work' for our clients, our lawyers, and their families.” With 2,000 lawyers able to rejoin the workforce on their own terms, while still working with huge corporations, it’s fair to say she’s achieved that ambition.

Chapter 07

Key Lessons Learned from Starting a Legal Practice

How did these two attorneys do it? Despite being in different areas of law, both found success using similar tactics and can serve as inspiration for those starting or running a new practice.

Chapter 08 How to Measure Performance at Your Law Firm