Total Visibility with Liquid Voice for RingCentral

Leverage a single pane of glass to view and analyze all your interaction recordings.

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A female agent speaking to a client with a message window insert saying: "I would like to talk about my bill please."

Top Use Cases

A male looking at CCTV footage from various monitor screens
Public Safety

Respond faster and better with full visibility into all interactions ranging across telephone calls, radio interactions, CCTV, vehicle and body cameras, GEO location feeds and more. Instantly reconstruct incidents chronologically and push it to those in the field.

A  payment transaction being made using a mobile credit card reader
Financial Services

Ensure every transaction aligns with best practices, ethics, and compliance regulations. Consolidate legacy recordings for a single “index” for all records past and future. Analyze key phrases and proximity match against potential risk indicators.

A female employee holding a two-way radio in front of a monitor
Government and Social Services
Elevate citizen experience by understanding interactions in the journey, end-to-end. Use smart interaction analytics to identify trends and insights to continually improve services.
An employee looking at a client's records on his laptop
A male employee holding a tablet checking equipment
The Case Dashboard Analytics in RingCentral app

Rich analytics

Holistically analyze your interactions to gain valuable insights on trends, customer experience, and overall compliance.

Deep insights

Drill down into specific conversations to understand content, context and sentiment. Easily share recordings and transcribed recording (speech-to-text) files to applicable individuals.
Hands on a laptop with an insert of a file recording being played

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