Compliance and Administrative Cost Recovery Fee

RingCentral Administrative & Infrastructure Cost Recovery Fee: This fee is used to recover some or all of certain costs that RingCentral incurs, including government-imposed fees, such as the Federal Regulatory Fee, Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS), LNP and STI-GA, etc., including the costs associated with 

i. calculation and payment of those and other fees and taxes; 

ii. compliance with regulatory requirements, including but not limited to accessibility, numbering, privacy, anti-fraud, caller ID authentication, dialing, etc.; 

iii. obtaining and managing phone numbers, receiving calls from third-party provider networks, and terminating calls on such third-party networks, 

iv. certain network facilities and services, certain data centers, and the operation, protection, and maintenance of necessary network infrastructure and data centers; and 

v. filing and maintaining patents, trademarks and other proprietary rights; and some administrative costs associated with providing its services.  

The fee does not include federal or state Universal Service Fund fees. Though assessed widely in the market, this fee is not a tax, nor is it mandated by any level of government or government agency.

Last updated March 2023