Global Platform Terms

Last updated: September 13, 2023

We updated these Global Platform Terms on September 13, 2023. These changes will be effective October 12, 2023, to customers who signed up for RingCentral service before September 13, 2023.

These Global Platform Terms (“Global Terms”), including the Order(s) and any applicable terms incorporated by referenced herein, are a binding agreement between RingCentral and Customer governing the use of RingCentral Events, RingCentral Session, and/or Boomset (each a “RingCentral Service” or “Service”).  

The terms contained in the following product specific attachments apply if you purchased that specific Product (“RingCentral Service Attachment”): 

By (1) taking an action indicating acceptance, (2) entering into an Order that references these Global Terms or (3) using the Services, you agree to these Global Terms with RingCentral.


“Add-Ons” means additional features or functionality, such as additional Admin Seats and premium support, that you elect to purchase or enable, but that are not included in your Subscription Plan. 

“Add-On Fees” means the fees payable for any applicable Add-Ons.

“Admin(s)” means your employees and personnel, and any other person, who you authorize to access and use your account, including, but not limited to, your Event moderators and Event managers.

“Admin Seat” means a licensed seat required for each Admin to access the Platform under your Subscription Plan, and where such license seats may have different levels of access and features.

“Customer” means the legal entity identified in the Order Form, and the terms “You,” “Your” or a related capitalized term shall refer to Customer. 

"Event” means an event, stream, meeting or webinar hosted on or facilitated by the Platform and may be further defined in the applicable RingCentral Service Attachment.

“Party” means RingCentral or Customer, and “Parties” means RingCentral and Customer collectively.

“Platform” means the cloud-based platform described in each RingCentral Service Attachment and includes its associated software, services, products, hardware, devices, information, networks, components, APIs, SDKs, and Documentation.

“RingCentral” means the RingCentral Contracting Party applicable to You.

“RingCentral Contracting Party” means the RingCentral entity identified in Your Order, or, if none is provided, the applicable entities listed in the chart below, including any successors or assignees. 



RingCentral Contracting Party


Company Number

If Your contract address is in the United States, Canada or Mexico

RingCentral, Inc.

20 Davis Drive

Belmont, CA 94002



If Your contract address in the United Kingdom

RingCentral UK Limited,

Level 4
85 Uxbridge Road
London W5 5TH


Company number 06737634

If Your contract address is in Australia

RingCentral Australia PTY LTD

680 George Street Level 12
Sydney NSW 2000


Company number 611310948

If Your contract address is in Germany or Austria

RingCentral Germany GmbH

Hamburg Business Center, Poststrasse 33, Hamburg, 20354, Germany


If Your contract address is in Switzerland

RingCentral CH GmbH

c/o Zedra Trust

Company (Suisse) SA,

Zweigniederlassung Zürich

Stockerstrasse 43

8002 Zürich


identification number:

CHE-170.561.824 MWST

If Your contract address is in Singapore

RingCentral Singapore Pte. Ltd.

230 Victoria Street, #11-03/04, Bugis Junction

Singapore 188024


If Your contract address is in any other country, including France

RingCentral France SAS

3-5 rue Saint-Georges 75009 Paris, France 

a French société par actions simplifiée with a share capital of 26,623,481 euro, registered with the Trade and Companies Register of Paris under number 850 332 149

“Third Party Products” means third-party products, applications, services, software, networks, systems, directories, websites, databases and information, which the Service links to, or which You connect to or enable integration with, in connection with Your use of the Service.


  1. 1. Terms of Service

The Terms of Service shall mean: (1) the RingCentral Online Terms of Service available at the URL identified below (or any other successor location specified by RingCentral) based on Your RingCentral Contracting Party and Customer Location; or (2) other written agreement between RingCentral and you governing your use of the Services. The applicable Terms of Services are incorporated into and form a part of these Global Terms.


RingCentral Contracting Party

Customer’s Contract Address County

RingCentral Online Terms of Service URL

RingCentral, Inc.


RingCentral, Inc.

USA or Mexico

RingCentral UK Limited,


RingCentral Australia PTY LTD


RingCentral Germany GmbH

Germany or Austria

RingCentral CH GmbH


RingCentral Singapore Pte. Ltd.


RingCentral France SAS 


RingCentral France SAS 


RingCentral France SAS 


RingCentral France SAS 


RingCentral France SAS 

All other locations




2.1. Third Party Products. Third Party Products are governed solely by the terms and privacy policies of such Third Party Products. RingCentral is not responsible or liable for, and makes no representations or warranties as to, any aspect of such Third Party Products. By enabling Third Party Products, You are expressly permitting RingCentral to disclose Your Event Content and applicable account data as necessary to facilitate the use or enablement of such Third Party Products. Integration with any Third Party Product is provided as a courtesy and based on the then-current Third Party Product’s service and integration method (e.g., API, iFrame, SDK). RingCentral shall use reasonable efforts to continue such integration but makes no promises or guarantee that such integration shall remain throughout the Subscription Period.

2.2. Downgrades. You can downgrade Your Subscription Plan or reduce Your Add-Ons during a Subscription Period in Your account, but such downgrades will not become effective until the end of Your current Subscription Period, and You will not receive a refund or credit for such downgrade or reduction of features. You must remove any excess Admins before the downgraded renewal Subscription Period begins. Downgrading Your Subscription Plan may cause loss of content, features, or functionality of the Service available to You, and RingCentral accepts no liability for such loss.

2.3. Support. RingCentral provides 24/7 remote monitoring of the Platform and Services, and You can submit a Product Support help desk ticket by visiting (or any sucessor site). We will make commercially reasonable efforts to provide the Services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but availability is not guaranteed and may be disrupted, unavailable, or inoperable due to: (a) unforeseeable circumstances, or foreseeable circumstances that despite Our commercially reasonable measures to prevent are not within Our ability to fully prevent (including, but not limited to, widespread internet disruptions, interruption of services by Our service providers that was not caused by Us, and malicious third-party acts); (b) emergency security measures; or (c) planned downtime of which We will give You advance notice.  If You purchased a premium service level agreement, the terms of that service level agreement will also apply.

2.4  Trials and Betas. RingCentral may offer optional access to the Services or features on a free, trial, beta or early access basis (“Trials and Betas”). Use of Trials and Betas is permitted only for Customer’s internal evaluation during the period designated on the Order (or if not designated, 30 days). Either Party may terminate Customer’s use of Trials and Betas at any time for any reason. Trials and Betas may be inoperable, incomplete or include features never released. Notwithstanding anything else in these Global Terms, RingCentral offers no warranty, indemnity, service level agreement or support for Trials and Betas and its liability for Trials and Betas will not exceed US$50. RingCentral may, at its sole discretion, discontinue the Trials and Betas at any time. We will provide You with reasonable prior notice of any discontinuation.

2.5  API License. If RingCentral elects to give You access to a RingCentral API, RingCentral grants You a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, revocable and limited license to use and make calls to the RingCentral API solely in connection with developing and implementing integrations with approved third-party services, and solely in the manner described in the API documentation and subject to the restrictions in these Global Terms. The RingCentral API is provided as a courtesy and may be modified or suspended at RingCentral’s discretion, in which case RingCentral will use reasonable efforts to give You prior notice.  

2.6. Export of Event Content. For 30 calendar days after the effective date of termination or expiration of these Global Terms of your applicable Order, Your Event Content will be available to You for export or download as provided in the Documentation. After the 30 days, RingCentral has no obligation to maintain or provide the Event Content, and may delete Your Event Content unless prohibited by Law. Notwithstanding the foregoing and subject always to Section 5, RingCentral will delete Your Event Content promptly upon Your request, unless prohibited by Law.

2.7 Free Subscription Plan. RingCentral may, at its sole discretion, discontinue its free Subscription Plan at any time. We will provide You with reasonable prior notice of any discontinuation.




3.1. Event Content. As between You and RingCentral, You are the owner of Event Content and retain all ownership rights thereto. During a Subscription Period, You grant RingCentral a non-exclusive, royalty-free, sub-licensable, license to use, store, edit, reproduce, modify and copy that Event Content as reasonably necessary or desirable for RingCentral to provide You the Services. You must provide (and are solely responsible for providing) all required notices and obtaining all licenses, consents, authorizations or other approvals related to the use, reproduction, transmission, or receipt of any Event Content that includes personal or Confidential Information or incorporates any third-party IP rights.




4.1. Seat Management. You and Your Admins must maintain the confidentiality of all Admin login credentials. You shall not attempt to circumvent the Subscription Plan licensing and feature limits or restrictions, such as by sharing login credentials to allow more than one Admin to use a license seat. You are solely responsible for Your Admins’ compliance with these Global Terms and for all activities that occur under Your account, whether authorized or not.  

4.2. Your Responsibility for Admins and Content. You and Your Admins must comply with the RingCentral Acceptable Use Policy which is incorporated into these Global Terms. Provided, however, that the provisions relating solely to the use of RingEX in Section B and the cancellation period set forth in the last paragraph of the Acceptable Use Policy shall not apply to the RingCentral Events, RingCentral Session and Boomset services. RingCentral has the right to remove any content if, in RingCentral’s reasonable opinion, that content does not comply with the RingCentral Acceptable Use Policy or exposes You, RingCentral, or RingCentral’s users to potential liability or risk. We shall not be liable for damages or losses in connection with such content removal. 

4.3. Your Responsibility for Participants at Your Events. You are responsible for all aspects of dealing with Your Participants, such as Your Event-specific rules, securing consent or agreement from speakers, securing marketing consents from Participants, collecting payment from Participants, ticket pricing and refunds, any promotions, contests or sweepstakes, merchandise sales and donation handling, and personnel matters.  

4.4. Cooperation. You shall timely cooperate with RingCentral to provision the Services, including, but not limited to, giving RingCentral accurate information, access, and materials as reasonably necessary to provide You the Services. You acknowledge that Your delay or failure to do so may result in Your inability to use all or a part of the Services, in which case RingCentral will not be liable.

4.5. System Requirements. Use of the Services requires compatible hardware, certain software, and Internet access. Non-compatible hardware or software, and quality of Internet access may affect Your usage of the Services. You acknowledge and agree that such system requirements may change from time to time to ensure better performance of the Services (e.g., updating Chrome browser version) and that RingCentral is not responsible if You do not meet system requirements, or if You do not ensure Your personnel are not trained to use Your systems.

4.6. Marketing Consent Responsibility. ‍While RingCentral may provide features or functionality to facilitate Your marketing activities or collection of marketing consents, You are solely responsible for ensuring You comply with Law and for seeking and securing any and all marketing and communication consents from Participants in connection with Your Event and use of the Services. RingCentral does not provide advice on how to comply with Law for Your marketing activities.




5.1. Analytics. RingCentral may aggregate, collect, and analyze information relating to the provision, use and performance of the Services, and may use such information to provide You the Services, improve Our services and other offerings, and for any other legitimate business purpose (“Analytics”). RingCentral will only disclose the Analytics to third parties for such purposes and to the extent that it is anonymized.

5.2. Your Ownership. Any Analytics specific to You or Your Events are owned by You and are deemed Your Confidential Information (as defined in 8.1). RIngCentral will never use or disclose Your Analytics in a manner intended to allow any third party to identify or benchmark Your business practices and services.