RingCentral Session Service Attachment

Your use of RingCentral Session is subject to the Global Platform Terms (the “Global Terms”) as well as the following specific terms. Any capitalized terms used but not defined herein have the meanings in the Global Terms.  



RingCentral Session (“RingCentral Session”) is a webinar and meeting solution that can be used with or without the other products in the Events product suite.

RingCentral Session includes the platform generally accessible at www.session.com and its associated software, services, products, information, networks, components, APIs, and Documentation, including the corresponding mobile, desktop or other application(s). 

RingCentral Session is deemed to be the “Platform” for purposes of the Global Terms. 

RingCentral Session’s Documentation includes without limitation, the materials available at https://support.session.com

A “Session Event” means an individual webinar or meeting hosted on the RingCentral Session Platform, and is deemed to be an “Event” for purposes of the Global Terms 

Use of RingCentral Session is subject to the Acceptable Use available at https://www.ringcentral.com/legal/acceptable-use-policy.html. Provided, however, that the provisions relating solely to the use of RingEX in Section B and the cancellation period set forth in the last paragraph of the Acceptable Use Policy shall not apply to the RingCentral Session services. 



2.1 Subscription Plans. You may use RingCentral Session through a free Subscription Plan or purchase of a premium Subscription Plan. Each Subscription Plan may include a certain number of Admin Seats and features, and is subject to certain limitations as described in the RingCentral Session dashboard or pricing page. Certain Add-Ons may also be available.