Employee Resource Groups

RingCentral’s nine employee resource groups (ERGs) connect our people all over the world by building communities where we all belong. They champion inclusivity, allyship, and professional growth for members and allies.
Black Employees @ RingCentral (BE@R)
Black Employees @ RingCentral (BE@R) consists of employees globally who identify as being of African descent. BE@R was formed to promote personal and professional growth, career development and mobility, and the recruitment and retention of Black employees. Our mission is the creation of an inclusive environment that nourishes Black employee growth and development as well as advancement. We intend to achieve these objectives through the contribution of diverse education, community support and the utilization of internal and external tools and resources. BE@R works as an advocate for the further integration of Black employees into innovation, technology, the Executive leadership team and the decision-making process of what makes RingCentral successful.
Help and Understanding Group Support (HUGS)
The mission of HUGS is to provide a forum allowing all RingCentral staff to broaden their understanding regarding people with special needs by sharing ideas, networking, and performing community activities, to support RingCentral employees with special needs or staff who have family members with special needs and those who are allies to special needs community.
Hispanic Organization for Leadership and Achievement (HOLA)
HOLA is dedicated to promoting representation that reflects the diverse communities we serve by attracting, mentoring, developing, and retaining talented Hispanic individuals within RingCentral.  We actively contribute to community initiatives aimed at fostering goodwill. Moreover, HOLA serves as a safe and inviting space for Hispanic employees to share their unique experiences, challenges, and successes.  By fostering an open dialogue, we create a supportive environment that empowers our members to express their perspectives and contribute to a more inclusive workplace culture.
The Generations ERG at RingCentral fosters connection and understanding between technology professionals of all ages, celebrating our unique stories and perspectives, discovering our similarities, and collectively inspiring innovation through inclusivity to better ourselves, our products, and our customers’ experience.
Indigenous Group
Our mission is to advocate for the recognition, empowerment, and preservation of the Indigenous community and its diverse cultures. We are committed to fostering an inclusive environment that celebrates Indigenous heritage and promotes understanding. Through supporting Indigenous programs, activities, and businesses, we aim to uplift and amplify the voices of the community. By providing educational opportunities, we seek to increase awareness amongst our employees about the historical contributions, challenges, and ongoing issues faced by the Indigenous community. Together, we strive to create a workplace that values diversity, honors Indigenous traditions, and works towards social equity.
Pan-Asian Network
Our mission is to foster a supportive and inclusive environment for employees of Asian descent. We aim to celebrate and promote cultural diversity, advocate for equitable treatment and opportunities, provide professional and personal development, and build strong networks within and beyond our organization.
Rainbow Alliance
The Rainbow Alliance ERG is dedicated in providing a safe and inclusive space for RingCentral LGBTQIA+ employees and their allies. As an alliance, we take immense pride in educating and inspiring our colleagues, peers and partners regarding LGBTQIA+ matters and the core values that define us. Our overarching goal is to foster empathy, unity, and equality. By engaging in meaningful conversations, sharing personal stories, and hosting webinars & workshops, we actively empower our community to embrace their authentic selves and live truthfully.
Women in SaaS Empowerment (WISE)
RingCentral’s WISE believes everyone should be comfortable bringing their best and authentic selves to work. Through events, education and mentorship, communication, and advocacy, WISE strives to build an environment where everyone can thrive.
U.S. Service Members Group
At our core, we’re driven to empower and support U.S. military service members through the strength of our dedicated employee resource group. With a focus on fostering camaraderie, offering valuable mentorship opportunities, promoting active community involvement, and facilitating continuous career advancement, we strive to ensure the seamless transition and prosperous professional development of our Veterans.